September 24, 2020

The last cartridge of Sánchez | Economy

The last cartridge of Sánchez | Economy

Everything changed on December 2. From that day, when the Andalusians for the first time gave more seats to the right than to the left, the PSOE has entered into panic before the possibility of losing other autonomies, dozens of mayorships and in the end La Moncloa. Pedro Sánchez listens to the same question every day: what are we going to do to stop this right wave? The answer comes in the form of Budgets, the last cartridge of the president to try to exhaust the legislature and achieve more time to stop the demobilization of the left that anguishes socialists and leaders of Podemos.

Budgets, more than the project to order the accounts and direct economic policy, have thus become an instrument against the opposition and the wave of pessimism that is being installed in some sectors of the left after the Andalusian fiasco. "The best way to fight against these forces that want to recover the nostalgia of a past in black and white is to have a solid political project, Budgets that shield the Welfare State, with which the students win, the precarious, the young, officials, the middle class "sentenced the spokesperson, Isabel Celaá.

At times, the traditional press conference explaining the Accounts seemed like the presentation of an electoral program. The Government does not know if it will be able to approve the Budgets. He will try it until the end, but if he does not succeed because the independents refuse, the Accounts and the great economic project for several years that he will make public in the coming weeks, called "agenda of change", will be his presentation to the society in early elections, whenever they are.

This last cartridge of the survival of Sanchez, a man who all have given for dead and too many times so that nobody dares to bet against him, is a new carom that depends on a series of unpredictable factors within the Catalan independence movement. On the one hand, the most rational, the Catalan leaders have a lot of pressure to approve the Accounts and thus close for the moment the passage to a right that would apply a permanent article 155. But on the other, the most sentimental, they have the pressure of the toughest ones, who, in full trial of the procés, want to vote not as a gesture of rejection of the harsh sentences that are envisaged for imprisoned leaders. The government has some messages in public and in private that make you an optimist, but you do not trust it.

Everything will be decided at the last minute. Nobody has forgotten that Carles Puigdemont had decided to call elections and avoid the declaration of independence in October 2018, and at the last moment he changed his mind when some in the streets accused him of being a traitor. Puigdemont, now in Belgium, is not as strong as he was then, but it is still decisive. Not in vain on Monday the entire PDeCAT Executive moved there to discuss the strategy with him.

The Government does what it can to seduce the Catalans. María Jesús Montero, the Minister of Finance, has closed Accounts that meet the 18% of investments that marked the Estatut. But above all, he prepares his electoral speech to stop the right. "With Budgets we fight inequality as an antidote to the breeding ground of which populisms are being nourished," Montero claimed. The Executive will draw every last drop of political juice to some accounts born in precarious but that could still succeed.


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