April 21, 2021

The Las Palmas University Foundation buys a historic building in Vegueta – La Provincia

The University Foundation of Las Palmas has acquired an emblematic building in Vegueta that will be able to respond to theNew needs of this institution, as the growth of its activity in recent years requires more consistent facilities to accommodate the thousands of users who are served by this entity.

The property is located at Juan de Quesada street nº 2, in the emblematic neighborhood of Vegueta and adjoining Triana, a privileged location in the historic center of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It is a building with an age of about 150 years, work of one of the main grancanarian artists of the 19th century, Manuel Ponce de León. This has been indicated in a press release by the University Foundation of Las Palmas, which currently has its headquarters on the same route, at number 29.

The President of the University Foundation, Carlos Estévez, He said that with this purchase "the Foundation shows its interest in recovering the historical heritage of our city." There were several options, but we have always believed that part of our responsibility is conserve the cultural richness of our island, and for that reason, although it will require a lot more effort to be able to adapt it to current needs, the Board has supported this decision so that from the Foundation we contribute to the conservation of our wonderful and interesting heritage. We want this building to be a legacy of our institution for the future of the city. "

In the project that has been presented to the Board for the approval of the purchase of the property, it is reflected the urban, technical and financial viability of the building's rehabilitation. The Foundation has sufficient own funds to face both the acquisition and the works of reform and adaptation, given that being a non-profit entity, it must reinvest in projects of social interest.

Ponce de León designed numerous public buildings, plazas, pieces of religious ornamentation and more than a hundred private houses in the historic district of Vegueta. The building object of the purchase is one of them. With a surface area of ​​1,470 square meters, is distributed in four floors above ground, about 300 meters each, and a basement.

Estévez added that "currently his state is practically abandonment, and the ground floor has had several commercial uses until a few years ago. The degree of environmental protection in accordance with the Special Plan of Vegueta-Triana, requires us to adapt the rehabilitation project to the regulations and we want to adapt to the new times while preserving the past of the building as much as possible ".

In this sense, the reform project of the Foundation incorporates the full recovery of the façade, as it is in the original design, for what will have to eliminate additions of the last decades and be faithful to the elevation planned by the great artist.

The president of the University Foundation of Las Palmas has assured that "the building will allow us host new projects related to the employability of young people with higher education, which is our purpose as a Foundation. We will have multipurpose spaces, classrooms for training courses, institutional offices, in short, many more meters than we have right now in our current headquarters, in which we are very limited due to lack of space ".

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