The large European squares open with increases of more than 2%

The considerable rise in Wall Street on Tuesday favored the advancement of European markets, which, shortly after opening, achieved increases that exceeded 2% in most cases, according to market data.

Investors also welcome the agreement between the White House and senators on the $ 2 trillion stimulus plan designed by the US government to stimulate the economy, hit by the coronavirus pandemic.

At 9:15 am the advance of 2.71% in Milan stood out; followed by Madrid, with a rebound of 2.55%, while Paris gained 2.18% and Frankfurt, 2.04%.

The Euro Stoxx 50 index - which integrates the fifty most capitalized companies in the euro area - rose 1.61% and London, 0.92%.

Although the small rise in the futures on the US indices, around 1%, limited the advance of the European squares at that time, they took advantage of the fact that Wall Street had registered its biggest rise since 1993 on Tuesday when it won the Dow Jones Industrials index. 11.37%.

In addition, Tokyo gained 8.04% this morning and the main Chinese exchanges rose between 2% and 4%.

At this time the price of a barrel of Brent oil, a benchmark in Europe, rose 1.7% and changed to $ 27.6.

The price of the euro rose slightly, 0.2%, to $ 1.0807, while the benchmark ten-year European bond, the "bund", increased its profitability by one hundredth, down to -0.315%.


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