August 1, 2021

The Laponia Soriana becomes a television set for Telecinco comedy

The Laponia Soriana becomes a television set for Telecinco comedy

The Soria municipality of Valdelavilla, a depopulated one that now tries to emerge as a center of specialized rural tourism, with demographic constants similar to those of Lapland, has become in the last days a set for the filming of the series "The People" that will emit Telecinco

Disguised as Peñafría, the fictitious town where most of the action takes place, Valdelavilla has hosted for four months an artistic and 80-person team that has been an event for the inhabitants of this unpopulated area, proud of its history and his heritage but complaining about his abandonment.

San Pedro Manrique, Valdeavellano de Tera and Los Rábanos and the city of Soria have completed the locations of the comedy that, according to one of its producers and of the successful "La que se avecina", Alberto Caballero, have served as an "on-air set" free "indispensable for the development of the frames.

The production company has shot eight chapters of 70 minutes each from May to October that, predictably, will be programmed by Telecinco throughout 2019.

"I think we will have a second season and we will enjoy it a lot at the content level," said Caballero, confident that "El Pueblo" will have enough public support to continue on the air.

The comedy, played by Carlos Areces, Ingrid Rubio, María Hervás, Santi Millán, Norma Ruiz, Raúl Fernández and Daniel Pérez Prada, faces two worlds: a motley group of urbanites who decide to settle in a remote rural area to break with their past and start from scratch, and the few inhabitants of the town.

The new residents will begin a coexistence with the natives, who will offer them all kinds of facilities and incentives to forge a new life and energize their people.

Rivalries, lasting friendships, misunderstandings and completely new situations for all will mark the day to day process of adapting newcomers to their new surroundings.

Recover the village, bring new ideas and initiatives to encourage habitat development and revive old traditions and customs will be the new "leitmotiv" of these neorrurales, who will also have to deal with multiple difficulties and learn to interact with the inhabitants of the place, very unaccustomed to dealing with outsiders.

"Both will be immersed in an emotional journey in which the changes, the contradictions and the bidirectional influences will mark their life irremediably," he announced.

Caballero has highlighted the attempt to be coherent in the narration of history, to the extent that the scenario is a town that was abandoned and the only inhabitants are elderly people, characters who have been treated especially kindly in the scripts.

"It will always be a friendly comedy and especially with the people of the town, we have not gone to mock or laugh at a specific character," he stressed.

Alberto Caballero and Daniel Deorador ("La que se avecina") lead together with Julián Sastre and Nando Abad the creative team of this fiction that also counts on his artistic team with Ruth Díaz, Elisa Drabben, Felipe Vélez, Jairo Sánchez, Blanca Rodríguez, Ángel Jodrá, Vicente Gil, Empar Ferrer, Javier Losán and Jordi Vilches.

To provide realism, authenticity and truth to "El Pueblo", Alberto and Laura Caballero, directors and executive producers of the fiction, have chosen the province of Soria, the most unpopulated of the European Union, for the recording of all the sequences, both in natural and urban settings.

"We have discovered spaces that give a lot of game." Retouching the scripts we have emerged another full second season, "he underlined.

But also the technical and artistic team has known the reality of the rural world, with its difficulties to access quality Internet.

"You can not pretend that there is a site without coverage in 2018. Then you start investigating and there is no site, there are two thousand, it seems an inconceivable thing, there should be some laws that oblige the telecommunication companies to supply until the last corner of the national territory, "he pointed.

In fact, one of the scenes recorded for the series consists of a parody about the lack of telecommunications coverage, climbed on a cliff to get connected.

"The fact of recording here is not that it is going to change the problems it has, but it can allow people to be placed on the map and to see that things happen here," he concluded.


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