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The Reducto Beach in Arrecife, Lanzarote has vibrated with emotion and spectacle in the final day of the Lanzarote Summer Challenge 2019, the international crossfit championship which has gathered on the island conejera to the top representatives of the crossfit of the moment. 120 athletes have demonstrated on the sand and in the water that they are the fastest, the strongest and the most complete athletes, performing before the very large audience that has crowded bleachers and avenue a whole series of exercises of strength, balance and resistance that They have been applauded and applauded.

Finally, and after proving that they were the best, they managed to take the title of Rx champions Alberto Ordóñez in first position, the Albacete Juan Ballesteros in second place and San Lubben third. In the Team mode, they were made with the first place Hobbits Team, followed by Friends Connection and Zipi and Zape. In Women's Scale the podium has been made up of Marián Higón, Bea Santana and Melodie Bohny. And in Escale Masculino the first place was for Jhonnathan Delgado followed by Pedro Caballero and Eladio Fontes.

Arena show

The second day of the Lanzarote Summer Challenge 2019 It started punctually at La Playa del Reducto in Arrecife with the wod number 4 dispute that closed the previous draw of the competition. A final test that would grant the pass to the final phase to the eight best athletes in each category. The fourth wod offered a high level of crossfit in the fight to enter the finals and be one of the best in this fifth edition. In Italian Women's Scale Elisa Zena gave no respite to her rivals and was ranked first in this last qualifying event. In the men's category of Scale, Omar Álvarez and Alberto Martínez maintained a beautiful duel that gave them the first two positions of wod 4.

Great exhibition and great level of Rx athletes in the last test of the previous phase. Emotion until the last moment that gave first place to Sam Lubben. He Hobbits team it occupied the first place after completing the last wod and with it the previous phase of the Lanzarote Summer Challenge 2019 was closed.

The best in the grand finale

With a luxurious atmosphere in the Arrecife Reducto Beach and full in the stands, the finals began with the eight best athletes in each category struggling to become the strongest in this edition. The very devoted public received the eight competitors who would fight for the best result in Women's Scale. Gran Canaria Bea Santana completed a magnificent final finishing the final wod in record time. In men, the pace was frantic since the beginning of the final round. The representation of the best of the regional scene showed the high level of crossfit in the islands. The grancanario Alberto Martínez culminated the final wod in the first place in a hard fight against the Venezuelan Jhonnathan Delgado.

Final Rx, the time of the strongest of the box, the members of the category would develop part of the final test swimming in the waters of the Reducto Beach. A very demanding wod that would determine the athlete in better shape in this 2019 edition. The Dutch Sam Lubben He took command of the test by finishing the ring sector in first position and entering the water as a leader. Behind him, Ballesteros, De La Guardia and Concepción struggling to finish the swim test in the top positions. The weightlifting would determine the winner of the final test that was none other than the World Cupist Sam Lubben followed by Grancanario Alex De La Guardia and Tenerife Rubén Concepción.

Once all the results were computed, the absolute winner in the Rx category was the Spaniard Alberto Ordonez. "I started too strong, declared the athlete resident in Tenerife," then I relaxed and came here. It was a surprise. "In category Team beat Hobbit team, formed by Lanzarote's Bryan Hernández and Madrid's Rita Martín, who said that "this is never easy, we suffer every drop until the end." His partner Bryan, meanwhile, said that "Lanzarote is a destination that people love: the weather, the beach ... and that attracts many athletes with a high level of championships like this."

Carmen Vicente, director of Lanzarote Summer Challenge 2019, she was very satisfied, "we have exceeded expectations widely, the level of Crossfit we have lived has been impressive, the influx of public too. We have all enjoyed both wods, very fun, as with athletes, high level. "

After the competition, the awards ceremony they attended was held Roy Gonzalez, Councilor for Sports of the City of Arrecife, Nova Kirkpatrick, Councilor of Classified Activities and Roberto Herbón, Councilor for Public Works. Roy González said they were "very excited to see how people responded, the level of the participants ... Reef deserves events like this, with this tourist and media impact, we are very happy to have recovered this test and we will continue supporting future editions. "

They culminate like this two intense days of outdoor sport, show and all the excitement of the best European Crossfit, in the middle of an unbeatable environment, with full bleachers throughout the weekend, under a perfect temperature and the ideal environment, the capital beach of the Reducto, in Arrecife, which with its white sand and its crystalline waters has become the perfect scenario for the development of each and every one of the very hard tests that the participants have had to face. With the celebration of the fifth edition of the Lanzarote Summer Challenge, the island of Lanzarote is dedicated as the host of major sporting events internationally. After this resounding success, the organization already has its sights set on the celebration of the next edition.

The fifth edition of the Lanzarote Summer Challenge 2019, organized by Crossfit Lanzarote, has been possible thanks to the sponsorship of the Cabildo de Lanzarote through the Ministry of Tourism and Sports and European Sports Destination by Turismo Lanzarote and the City of Arrecife through its Department of Sports, Armitron Pro Sports and Wodshop Las Palmas Also in collaboration with Aimharder,, Arrecife Gran Hotel and Spa, Hotel Lancelot Playa, Phisiorelax, Ser Lanzarote, Patagonia Grill, Mesana, Sea Stuff, Joaquín Cabrera Comercial, Solán de Cabras, Coca Cola, Acaí Amazon, Naughty , Exhale Physiotherapy and Pilates, Fariones Lanzarote Sports Center and Canglasses.


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