The Lanzarote goes of vaco after a goal in the discount – The Province

The Lanzarote goes of vaco after a goal in the discount - The Province

The Ibarra achieved three gold points in their match against Lanzarote. The Tenerife team won with the win thanks to Jurgen's goal, in the extension time. The attacker took delirium to the stands of Villa Isabel. While the conejeros were empty, despite doing a great job.

The first half passed with a slow and tedious pace. Neither of the two squads managed to settle on the pitch and the errors in the circulation of the ball were a constant. All this meant that the chances of goal would shine by its absence.

The only approaches with some danger were from visitors. Two balls hung from the sides to the interior of the area, where Rosmen won the match to the defenders. Although their shots were diverted.

After passing through the dressing room, the dynamics of the duel varied. Both teams advanced their ranks and searched hard for the goal. The first to hit were the visitors. It was the minute 56, when a corner kick executed by Nico was finished off by Brad inside the nets.

This did not intimidate the Ibarra. The locals launched for the even with everything. Something they would get in the 68th minute, when a Muni cross from the right wing was finished off by Carballo. Taking advantage of the attacker of the false exit of Agoney.

Spurred by their hobby, the people of Tenerife looked for a bigger prize. They were close to get it two minutes after the equalizer, but Muni's free-kick was deflected – with mastery – by the opposing goalkeeper.

The goal of the Ibarra victory came in the 92nd minute, when Jurgen picked up a rebound at the edge of the area and hit him hard by straining the ball through the goalkeeper's corner. Agoney could not do anything to avoid the goal.

In spite of it the last one was in the power of the Lanzarote. However, in the hand between Cristian and goalkeeper Cicovic was the winner the second, thus certifying the three points for their own.


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