The LaLiga team that was close to signing Lamine Yamal

The LaLiga team that was close to signing Lamine Yamal

With the goal of being a soccer player one day, Lamine Yamal was presented in 2013, with 12 years, to the tests of Spanish and from Barcelona. This has been revealed by Inocente Díez, better known as Kubala, who was his coordinator in The Turret.

Lamine Yamal scored three goals for Espanyol

«In the test he did with Espanyol, the blue and white team lost, now I don't remember the score very well, but it was by a difference of two goals and Lamine came out and scored three goals... At Barcelona I didn't see it for a while to say that That was no longer a test, he stayed in the club», he said.

Regarding his arrival in La Torreta, Kubala said: «He came with his parents, they told us that he really liked football and we invited him to come in. He was between three and a half or four years old, he entered school but we saw that he was different, that he had something».

«We upgraded him quickly. It is a common practice when we see that a child needs more. He was two years ahead. He arrived in the 2010-11 season and left in the 2013-14 season. This last season we enrolled him but he did not finish the course with us, he left in February," he added about Lamine Yamal.

«Here we work with the player in all areas, sports, school, family... If we see that the child has problems, we help them. Lamine Yamal was special, even his way of walkingbut we were also dedicated to their training, as we do with everyone," he continued.

Looking back, Kubala recalled: "When his parents separated, I would pick him up from time to time at his parent's house in Rocafonda to accompany him to training so he could continue enjoying himself on the grass.». «She was a very reserved boy. We were 20 kilometers from Mataró and, in the car, he talked a little more, but he was very reserved, very polite, serious and correct. He was very easy to be with and very hard-working," he added.