July 12, 2020

The lack of government can freeze the salary of officials

The new call for elections for November 10 and the condition of interim government in charge of Pedro Sánchez – at least until the first days of 2020 – has left in the air the salary increases of officials, pensioners and unemployed, whose benefits would only rise to 0.25% if the automatic revaluation rate is applied, limited to that percentage. If not applied by the power vacuum, wages would be frozen.

Therefore, the three major unions of the officials, -COCO, UGT and CSIF- have demanded through a letter to the President of the Government in office, Pedro Sánchez, that guarantees public employees the salary increase agreed for 2020. In letter Forwarded jointly, the three organizations claim that despite the legal limitations derived from the Government in operation, "the normative solutions are sought" that guarantee the expected salary increase for 2020, of 2% fixed and up to an additional 1% depending on the growth economic. It must be remembered that the Government's interim prevents him from using the decree's trick to formalize the rise, so he must look for some other legal trick if he intends to carry it out. In the letter the unions urge Sanchez to fulfill all the commitments acquired , especially in the matter of public employment, with the aim of providing stability to the workforce and ending the "unbearable" level of temporality and interinity. They also show their concern about the situation of institutional blockade, which they warn that is generating "serious consequences" for public services and for its more than three million workers. If there were a government approved by the courts and not acting, officials they could benefit from the three-year agreement signed with the majority unions of the public sector in 2018, when the Presidency of the Government was in the hands of Mariano Rajoy, and that included a salary increase of up to 8.79% in accumulated terms throughout the period.

Specifically, public sector workers would have the right to receive a fixed 2% increase in 2020, which would rise another 1% based on the progress of GDP – that additional 1% would rise if the GDP increase is 2.5 % or higher; if it is lower than that figure, the variable part falls proportionally. The agreement also contemplates that, in the case of achieving the objective of budgetary stability – the public deficit – in 2020 an additional increase of 0.55% would be added. In the case of regional and municipal officials, the agreement provides that each administration can allocate 0.30% of its salary for additional funds.

The unions are waiting for a response from the president.

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