August 5, 2021

The «labyrinth» of circulating in Madrid

The «labyrinth» of circulating in Madrid

This Friday, after several delays, the new Madrid mobility ordinance will be approved. In addition to regulating where motorcycles can park -only on sidewalks that allow three meters of space- or the speed reduction in 80% of the roads, the most controversial point is that of the regulation of the scooter.

Who has not suffered the overtaking of one of these vehicles while walking on the sidewalk? This image will change radically with the approval of the Sustainable Mobility norm. The original idea of ​​Ahora Madrid was that its use would be vetoed throughout the capital. However, the amendments of the PSOE – its government partner – could allow its use, but only to areas where there is a protected bike lane – such as on Santa Engracia street – or streets with limited speed at 30 or 20 km / h. "We discarded the cycle lanes because they also circulate cars and it seems dangerous," they explain from the socialist group. Although it is probable that Carmena's party will end up approving it, for the moment "we continue with the negotiations".

From the Association of Users of Personal Mobility Vehicles (Auvmp) insist: "We only want to be equal to the bikes, we can circulate in the same areas," explains his spokesman Iván Sixto. "If the proposals of the socialist group end up being approved, our circulation will become a labyrinth, since there are many areas of Madrid that do not have roads with such reduced speed," he says.

Moreover, users aspire to be finished "creating a state regulation so that our situation does not change depending on the city where we live," Sixto adds.

Other cities

Barcelona These vehicles can run on segregated bike lanes and, if they go on a pedestrian road, they can not exceed 10 or 20 km / h. They can not measure more than one meter, nor weigh more than 25 kilos. They are forbidden to go by the normal road and in the parks they can go to no more than 10 km / h. The fines range between 100 and 500 euros.


In the Levant city is where your users are most happy, because they can circulate -the ordinance is being processed- by ​​the same areas where the bicycles move. They will have to go at about 10 km / h and must maintain a minimum distance of one meter with pedestrians.


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