August 3, 2020

The Labor Inspectorate sanctions Ryanair for violating the right to strike of its cabin crew

The Labor Inspectorate pronounces itself after four months investigating the low cost airline Ryanair. The agency fails in favor of the cabin crew of the airline and notes, among other aspects, that the Irish company violated the right to strike workers last July and September, in addition to exercising "an abusive use of their power by assigning guards to workers who were in a situation of rest or days off, "according to the resolution.

The USO and SITCPLA unions – which filed the complaints after the strike of July 25 and 26 Y September 28– They accuse the company of coercing the cabin crew through emails and telephone calls asking them if they were going to exercise the right to strike or not. Now, Labor gives the reason to the workers of the airline confirming that there was an injury to this fundamental right protected by the Constitution.

Work credits that during the days before the strike "the company modified the planning without respecting the notice periods and the forecast of days off from their TCPs". Stresses that Ryanair He exercised "an abusive use of his power by assigning guards to workers who were in a situation of rest or days off," notifying these changes "the day before or a few hours in advance." The resolution states that the objective of these events was "to limit the exercise of the right to strike by workers".

Sanctions for violating the safety and health of the TCPs

The increase of the number of guards without respecting the planning caused during the days of strike "overcrowding in the premises destined to the realization of guards". In this line, Work was able to verify the insufficiency of space and of suitable furniture in the places of rest of the employees.

The body under the Ministry of Labor also proposes sanctioning the company for "obstructing the inspection work". It considers that Ryanair delayed and prevented the exercise of the functions of the inspectors by making it difficult for them to "check work documentation and prevent occupational risks".

"This resolution of the Special Directorate of Labor Inspection is a very important step to regularize the situation of Ryanair cabin crew as well as the claims we have been defending for months," says Pedro Alzina, USO spokesman. SITCPLA, on the other hand, positively assesses Labor's ruling and points out that "this is what must happen in democracies with a maximum legal requirement".

The Labor Inspectorate – which sent provincial inspectors to the Ryanair bases in Valencia, Alicante, A Coruña, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Malaga, Seville, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Girona and Mallorca – concludes that after the violation of the right to strike, the obstruction of authority and the transgression of the Occupational Risk Prevention regulations will penalize the company in accordance with the provisions of a Law on Infractions and Sanctions in the Social Order.


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