December 3, 2020

The Labor Inspectorate sanctioned the burning chemical plant of Tarragona four times and opens an investigation

The Labor Inspectorate of Catalonia has revealed on Thursday that IQOXE, the company within the petrochemical complex of Tarragona where an ethylene oxide deposit exploded on Tuesday, has been sanctioned four times in recent years, with fines ranging between 2,000 and the 8,000 euros, for various breaches of regulations, and has advanced an investigation into this accident.

The Minister of Labor of the Generalitat, Chakir El Homrani, has assured that the Labor Inspection will go “to the bottom to clarify the causes and responsibilities of a very serious accident”, which has caused three dead and seven wounded. It has also specified that of the four files that culminated in sanction, one was imposed for working conditions and the other three for breaches of health and safety.

An explosion on Tuesday at the IQOXE chemical plant caused a fire in one of its cisterns that left several injured and three dead: two workers and a neighbor in whose house, three kilometers away, hit an iron plate that shot out after deflagration.


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