May 16, 2021

The La Paz hospital, the best in Spain

The La Paz hospital, the best in Spain

For the fifth consecutive year, the Hospital La Paz revalidated the title of the best hospital in Spain, leading the ranking of the 100 best public hospitals in our country, while the Clínica Universidad de Navarra (CUN) led the private centers.

But nevertheless, from LA RAZÓN we analyze in what results or criteria the Health Reputation Monitor (MRS) study is based to determine which hospitals are the most valued in our country.

The survey conducted by MRS evaluates 5,656 professionals in the health system based on three assessments: first, an assessment made to about 5,000 medical professionals, nurses, members of the public health administration at provincial / regional level, responsible for hospital pharmacy, patient associations and health journalists according to different reputation variables for hospital services, for pharmaceutical laboratories and for the best drugs.

The second valuation would be the analysis of about 180 indicators of quality and care performance of 2,280 clinical services, choosing the most reputable in 23 specialties, while third it would be an evaluation of reputational merits carried out by technicians of the Analysis and Research Institute, responsible for the fieldwork of MRS. All these data collected by MRS allow, in a first phase, a total of 90 different rankings.

The Health Reputation Monitor is an independent study based on data from the hospitals themselves, of the Ministry of Health and of the health ministries of the communities. For this, they use a methodology that combines the perception of the public with the reality of the sector, governed by transparency, independence and rigor. The data obtained allows a total of 90 different rankings to be elaborated.


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