The La Palma volcano increases its activity and several scientists have been evacuated

The Cumbre Vieja volcano, in La Palma, has experienced a increased explosive activity, especially, on the afternoon of yesterday Saturday, and new lava emission centers are not ruled out, has assured today Carmen Lopez, national responsible for volcanic surveillance of the National Geographic Institute (IGN) during the press conference after the meeting of the Steering Committee of Special plan of Civil Protection and Attention to Emergencies due to volcanic risk in the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands (Pevolca).

In addition, López said, the volcano has expelled new pyroclastic material, consisting of volcanic bombs of several meters and of great weight.

Secondly, several scientists who work analyzing the lava and emergency personnel have had to be evacuated due to the worsening of the air quality in the area near the lava, has indicated Miguel Ángel Morcuende, technical director of Pevolca.

There will be enlargement.


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