The La Palma desalination plants will operate this Saturday “if the tests go well”


Works carried out by Tedagua in Puertos Naos to install desalination plants for those affected by the La Palma volcano

The two portable desalination plants installed in Puerto Naos to guarantee the irrigation of the plantations affected by the active volcanic eruption in La Palma from September 19 They will be able to start this Saturday to inject water into the network if the tests that start this Wednesday “go well”.

This was announced to Efe by the counselor of Ecological Transition of the Canary Government, Jose Antonio Valbuena, who recalled that both desalination plants arrived on the island two weeks ago.

As sections of the work of its installation are being completed, “the most delicate and complex part begins, to which we must pay close attention because any unforeseen event would take weeks to put into operation”, he warned.

These are the unloading tests of the tanker displaced to the island by the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge “to see if they work, those of the desalination modules and the impulsion pumps.”

“If all these tests go well, we hope that by Saturday at the latest the desalination plants may be injecting water into the irrigation network” of La Palma, said the minister.

It is estimated that these two portable desalination plants will guarantee an approximate flow of 6,000 cubic meters per day.

Asked about the preparatory work of the Decree-law that the Canary Islands Government plans to approve in order to requalify the necessary land and relocate the houses or facilities that have been affected by this volcanic eruption, Valbuena has stated that “we have to wait for the volcano to go out because the terrain is changing drastically every week and we have to see how it will look definitively”.

Then, he said, you have to make a diagnosis with the definitively affected and know the profiles and characteristics of the houses and then, together with the municipalities, design “what the day after has to be, the reconstruction of the surroundings and the nuclei of houses that have disappeared under the lava “.

The counselor has highlighted that “a week after the eruption the image was one, but when a month has passed, the image is totally different and the conditions are increasing”, which implies “that the conclusions are increasingly complicated “.

Although the idea that the Canarian Executive has is that whoever has lost the house can continue living in La Palma, the counselor has warned that “the will of the people must be respected,” including that of those who “want to start a life project in a totally different environment. ”

“They have been on this island for a month, with a volcano that does not stop emitting ash and producing noise and you have to understand that there are people who are seriously thinking about starting a life project in another place. There are many affected and we can find cases totally different “, has asserted.

“We are talking about something that is extraordinary, a volcanic eruption, and there are no regulations written for this type of catastrophe. It is the first time that we have a catastrophe of this type in the Canary Islands after the 70s, with a massification of urban environments , population, infrastructure and needs that have nothing to do with the eruption of ’49, “he said.


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