June 14, 2021

The Kremlin appreciates that the Forum of Davos has raised the "veto" to Russian businessmen

The Kremlin appreciates that the Forum of Davos has raised the "veto" to Russian businessmen

The Kremlin welcomed today that the World Economic Forum has rectified and lifted the "veto" it had imposed on three Russian oligarchs sanctioned by the US.

"We welcome the fact that the Davos Economic Forum and its organizers have taken note of our position that any selective treatment of our businessmen would be unacceptable," presidential spokesman Dmitri Peskov told a news conference.

Over the weekend, the Russian agencies TASS and RIA Nóvosti informed the decision of the World Economic Forum to retract after having decided to exclude the Russian aluminum magnate Oleg Deripaska, the industrial billionaire Víktor Vekselberg and the bank president VTB from the next annual meeting. , Andrei Kostin.

The Forum, which will be held from January 22 to 25 at the Swiss Alpine resort in Davos, was rectified after the Swiss government was involved, the Financial Times said in turn.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said on November 13 that members of the government and companies with state participation would not attend the Forum if he did not reverse his decision, and said he had conveyed his concern about the measure to the president of the day. Helvetic Confederation, Alain Berset.

Also House Russia, traditionally the center of operations of Russian businessmen and politicians during the celebration of the World Economic Forum, announced earlier this month that it will not be present in Davos in January.

After changing the opinion of the organizers, a source from the Russian government indicated on Saturday that a Russian official delegation will go to Davos before the lifting of the veto on businessmen.

Yes, according to Peskov, the organization has set a series of conditions in exchange for allowing the participation of Russian businessmen in the Forum, in order to comply with the sanctions against them.

The Forum, he said, "has tried to combine their interest in continuing contacts with our businessmen with the restrictions against them."

According to TASS, which cites information from the media, the Forum would have imposed five conditions to allow the participation of businessmen.

These include a "restricted communication with American partners during the event, including their participation in panels or events organized by the US."

In the end, contacts with American businessmen can easily be replaced by (contacts) with businessmen from other countries, "Peskov said.


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