The Kominsky method, a great twilight comedy

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner are back together on The Kominsky Method.

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner are back together again on The Kominsky Method.

The Kominsky method He was facing a big problem for his final season on Netflix. He had run out of one of his two main protagonists. Alan ArkinThe 87-year-old wanted to take it easy about work and enjoy life more. Has the pandemic influenced this vital change or has something of the spirit of the series been infected? It is true that Michael Douglas He was the big star of the series, but without Alan it seemed that things were going to be lame. With another delivery without one of the main legs of the chair, it could seem that it was trying to lengthen by lengthening, to continue stretching the gum when it no longer gave more of itself. However, the series found the perfect remedy. The magic trick that no one would notice, although it showed what another great series it could have been. The solution was the signing of Kathleen turner.

Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner formed one of the most iconic couples in the world of cinema during the 1980s. They only appeared together in three films (After the green heart, The jewel of the Nile Y The war of the Rose) but the chemistry between the two interpreters left an indelible memory among moviegoers of the time. Turner's appearance as Sandy Kominsky's (Douglas) ex in season two had been limited to a brief cameo that managed to elicit more than a nostalgic smile from the fandom. A scene that reminded us more of acid tone from War of the Rose. Bring back to Dany from Vitto it could have been a master play. After all, we already had this actor during the first season as a urologist with a macabre style of humor.

The departure of Arkin gives way to the irruption of Turner who becomes one of the great stars of the third season. And without hiding that time has passed for everyone and that neither she nor Douglas are the leading men who fell in love on the screen, as if challenging an audience that seems not to forgive their stars getting old. As if wrinkles and weight gain became an unforgivable stigma, harder to erase than the worst of sins. Ever since health problems ended Turner's career in the 1990s, she has always been known to laugh at his physical decline. Since his surprise appearance on Friends as Chandler's transsexual father (Mathew perry), upon incorporation into the cast of Californication in its third season, the series David duchovny. She would no longer be the sex symbol she was, but her story has been one of self-improvement and of not letting herself be taken away from the stage.

The final installment of the series begins with the funeral of Norman (Arkin). It could not be otherwise. As we were well reminded that some previous episode, the funerals have now become one of the few social events that the protagonists attend. And we've already seen quite a few since the series started. I do not keep track, but it could also be titled something like Five funerals and a wedding, alluding to the 90s comedy Four Weddings and a Funeral starring Hugh grant Y Andie macdowell. We have funerals this final season, but we also have a wedding. We will not give many details so as not to have to spoil those who have not seen it. The one that will lead to the return of Sandy's ex to The Angels. Despite the intervening years, the chemistry does not seem to have disappeared between them. It's like the reunion of two old friends who know each other perfectly. In their conversations, the affection they still feel is distilled, but also the pain and reproach for the causes of the separation. It would have been an easy resource to fill all your encounters with bitter time-poisoned arguments between a separated couple. But it is evident that each still feels something for the other, although the mere idea of ​​restarting the relationship is something that would produce hilarity. They have reached a point where they have overcome all of those things. So if someone was looking for a new romance on the screen between the couple, let it be forgotten.

For this final installment, the series features other appearances by movie stars playing themselves, that of Morgan freeman and the filmmaker's Barry levinson (who has already become the father of the creator of Euphoria). The series takes advantage of these final episodes to close loose ends and leave us a nice moral. And, no matter how many ailments and deaths there are around us as we age, life always brings us new surprises. Who would have told Sandy Kominsky that at this point in life he would stop being known as the owner of an acting school to get a Oscar? Just as by the end of The Big Bang Theory, Chuck lorre (the creator of both series) gifted Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) with the Nobel Prize, Sandy is made in the finale with the statuette for best actor. A perfect closing to balance the humorous moments with the saddest in one of the best twilight comedies on Netflix.


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