The Kings inaugurate the most Peruvian Arch | Culture

The kings Felipe and Letizia officially inaugurated this Thursday with the president of Peru, Martín Vizcarra, the 38th edition of the international fair of contemporary art Arco. The usual tour has begun, precisely, in the space reserved for the artists of the Andean country, guest of the contest that takes place until Sunday at Ifema in Madrid. As planned from the beginning, the royal and political procession has not visited the Italian gallery Prometeo, where the controversial ninot over four meters high devised by Santiago Sierra and Eugenio Merino that represents the figure of the monarch. At the beginning of his tour of Arco, which is located in the Ifema fairground in Madrid, Mr. Felipe and Mrs. Letizia have heard how some of the visitors and gallerists have thrown alive to Spain and the king, reports Efe.

From the contemporary reinterpretation of the roots and artistic expressions of the pre-Columbian cultures or of works that deal with the current affairs of Peru, the kings have visited the stand of EL PAÍS. There they were received by the represented artists, the Spanish Alicia Martín and the Peruvian Fernando Bryce, and by Javier Monzón, president of the Board of Directors of PRISA, Joaquín Estefanía, deputy to the management of EL PAÍS, Manuel Polanco, president of PRISA Noticias, Santillana and PRISA Radio, and Alejandro Martinez Peón, CEO of PRISA Noticias. The Spanish Minister of Culture, José Guirao, has also accompanied the delegation.

The Kings have been interested in the works of artists, united by their passion for books and the knowledge transmitted through them. So far the coincidences, both express their worlds very differently. While Alicia Martín has raised a wall of nine meters that seems pushed by a fire without igniting books stacked and gutted, Fernando Bryce offers copies in ink of a series of photographs, newspaper clippings, advertisements, promotional advertising about moments and historical figures to give them another reading.

The Kings have also visited the stand of the Argentine Ruth Benzacar, where they have explained the stunning video portraits of migrants made by the artist Mariano Sardón and neurosurgeon Mariano Sigman. It was one of the 20 galleries of the more than two hundred gathered, in addition to the spaces of several means of communication, which toured the kings before leaving the fairgrounds.

The King is also the object of another work within Arco, although it is not necessary to burn it in a year as Sierra and Merino mandate the buyer to acquire his ninot. Is about Our favorite kings, in which Felipe VI is portrayed, along with mentions to other kings, from Melchor, Gaospar and Baltasar, to Burguer King or the Lion King. The work of the Finnish artist living in Spain Riiko Sakkinen, has been acquired by the well-known Catalan publicist Lluís Bassats, who has paid 11,000 euros. "I like the art that it builds and not the one that destroys it, I bought it a bit by reaction", said the publicist, in statements by Europa Press. His intention is to show this work in the exhibition that he plans to organize in Seville about his collection.


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