June 13, 2021

"The kingdom" and "Arde Madrid" the most nominated to the Feroz, who go to Bilbao

"The kingdom" and "Arde Madrid" the most nominated to the Feroz, who go to Bilbao

The film "El reino", by Rodrigo Sorogoyen, and as a comic series "Arde Madrid" have been, with seventeen nominations, respectively, the most valued for the sixth Feroz Awards, which this year will transfer their gala awards, next January 19.

The actors, playwrights and film and television directors Javier Ambrosi and Javier Calvo, "los Javis", accompanied by María Guerra, president of the Association of Film Informers of Spain (AICE), which awards the awards, have read the list of nominations, which were read in alphabetical order.

In the habitual relaxed tone of these awards, the president informed the partners that they are still looking for sponsors to take them to Bilbao, although "the protagonists – she assured with a laugh – will be paid everything".

"It is done by investing in our artists, in our culture," Guerra said before thanking the Bilbao City Council, which will host the awards ceremony on January 19 at the Bilbao Arena pavilion, and whose mayor, Juan Mari Aburto has assured in a greeting video that they already feel the Feroz "as their own".

Organized by La Tropa Produce, the Feroz have not revealed for the moment the names of the candidates for Special Prize and Best Documentary, which will be discussed later, nor the name of the presenter or presenter of the gala; yes those of the writers have been revealed: Raúl Díaz, Álvaro Velasco and Mario Díaz.

The bi-winners of the Feroz for "Paquita Salas" and "La llamada", read the proposals of the specialized press, which will vote the names of the winners as of December 31.

Thus, "The kingdom" is possible in ten categories, followed by "Who will sing to you", by Carlos Vermut, in eight, in drama, and "Champions", with four, is the maximum contender for the comedy prize.

They are followed in nominations "Everyone knows" (6) and "Petra" (5), while "Carmen and Lola" and "Trip to a mother's room" get four; three, "The disease of Sunday" and "The distances", and two, "Ana by day".

With a nomination, "Animals without a collar", "The tree of blood", "Almost 40", "My dear brotherhood", "Endless", "Superlopez", "Time after", "Your son" and "Yuli "

The Feroz distinguish between the categories of drama and comedy, also on television, so that "Arde Madrid", by Paco León and Anna R.Costa, who achieved nomination in all the comic categories, stands next to the dramatic "El Tomorrow's Day ", by Mariano Barroso for Movistar, who has five nominations.

These are followed by "Vegüenza", with four nominations, "Fariña", with three, and "La plate", with two, and with a nomination each "Elite", "Giants", "Look what you have done" and "Vis a Vis."

Penelope Cruz, for "Everyone knows"; Lola Dueñas for "Trip to a mother's room"; Alexandra Jiménez, for "Las distancias", Bárbara Lennie, for "Petra", and Eva Llorach for "Quién te cantará", will choose L'Oréal Professionnel as the best actress.

Javier Bardem, José Coronado, Javier Gutiérrez, Javier Rey – for "Sin Fin" – and Antonio de la Torre – for "El reino" – compete for the best actor, while the best script award will be chosen between "Carmen and Lola", "Petra", "Who will sing to you", "The kingdom" and "Journey to a mother's room".

Alberto Iglesias gets a double for the best music with "Quién te cantará" and "Yuli", and will compete with Lucas Vidal for "El árbol de la sangre"; Nico Casal, for "The Sickness of Sunday" and Olivier Arson for "The Kingdom".

The Feroz also awards the best trailer ("Champions", "Carmen and Lola", "Who will sing to you", "The kingdom" and "Everyone knows") and the best poster ("Ana de día", "Las distancias" , "The disease of Sunday", "Who will sing to you" and "The kingdom".

Malena Alterio, Inma Cuesta, Aura Garrido, Najwa Nimri and Eva Ugarte will fight for the award for best actress in the series, while the actors will be elucidated between Brays Efe, Javier Gutiérrez, Paco León, Oriol Pla and Javier Rey.


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