March 8, 2021

The king will decide how to act after communicating Batet the failed investiture

The president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, must communicate the failed investiture of Pedro Sánchez to the king, who has to decide whether to open a new round of consultations with the representatives of the parties shortly or, as is more likely, give time to verify If an agreement is possible.

Felipe VI will foreseeably be informed in the next few hours by Batet of the result of the vote in Congress and the fact that, consequently, the proposed candidate has not obtained the necessary majority to be invested.

From there, the head of state has to decide whether to convene a new round of consultations at this time or give the parties time to know later if there are options to propose a nomination for the investiture again.

This second option is the one that seems most likely considering the background.

According to article 99 of the Constitution, the period available to try another investiture is two months from the failed vote last Tuesday.

Therefore, the deadline is September 23, and if an investiture had not been possible on that date, new general elections will be called to be held on November 10.

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