June 5, 2020

The king will certify today if there will be new elections or an unlock to the limit

The king will close on Tuesday his round of consultations with the representatives of the parties and will certify if the Spaniards will have to go back to the polls on November 10 or a last minute agreement will allow the political unlocking and investiture of Pedro Sánchez as President.

After meeting Monday with leaders of eight parties, on this day he will receive seven others, including those who are leading the parties with greater parliamentary representation: Pablo Iglesias, Albert Rivera, Pablo Casado and Pedro Sánchez.

It will be at 6:00 p.m. when he will receive the acting government president at the Palacio de la Zarzuela and comment with him if, after meetings with the other parties, there is any possibility that he may be elected president in a second attempt.

At the end of that meeting, Felipe VI will transfer to the president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, if there will be a new investiture debate or automatically on September 23, the elections of November 10 will be convened.

According to previous precedents, if you propose a candidate, it will be Batet who communicates it in an appearance at the Congress, but if the only way out is the elections, it will be known through a Zarzuela statement.

The head of state will meet in the morning with Laura Borràs (Junts per Catalunya), Jaume Asens (In Comú Podem), Santiago Abascal (Vox) and Iglesias (Podemos), while in the afternoon it will be Rivera's turn (Citizens) , Casado (PP) and Sánchez (PSOE).

In the middle of the first day of consultations of the king, Citizens made a proposal to the PP to abstain in a vote of investiture of Sanchez and facilitate that he can be elected president but provided he meets three conditions.

It should sign in writing to commit not to pardon the leaders of the 'procés' and "plan the eventuality" of applying Article 155 in Catalonia, that there is a constitutionalist government in Navarra without dependence on the nationalists and Bildu, and that taxes not be raised to families and the self-employed.

Pablo Casado, who met with Rivera to analyze this proposal, joined those demands but without specifying whether he will support the Citizens proposal.

At Rivera's site of "moving token," Sánchez replied that "there is no real obstacle" for the PP and Cs to refrain because the PSOE already meets those requirements.

Minority parties PRC, Compromís, UPN, CC, PNV and the confluences of United Podemos -IU, Equo and Galicia in Common- participated in the first round of consultations on Monday, which transferred their pessimism to the head of state regarding possibility of an investiture agreement.

They also found the impossibility of Felipe VI mediating so that there is a coalition of PSOE and Unidos Podemos, as Iglesias has requested.

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