The king urges to jointly overcome the uncertain economic situation

The king has urged to face the recovery of the damages caused in Spain by the COVID-19, among them an economic situation “very complex and uncertain”, with spirit, hope and serenity, and has been convinced that this challenge will be overcome working together and in solidarity.

Felipe VI has launched this message in his speech at the presentation of the COTEC-2020 innovation report that was held at the Telefónica headquarters in Madrid.

An event with few guests present, which could be followed online and in which he was accompanied by the queen, the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso; the mayor of the capital, José Luis Martínez-Almeida; and the economic vice president, Nadia Calviño, all of them protected with masks.

The head of state has recognized the “tremendous damage” that the coronavirus is causing in all areas, as well as the triple health, economic and social crisis that it has caused, and has highlighted the common desire to defeat the virus and face recovery.

“We have lost many people, many have suffered or suffer especially; and we have also lost much of what has been achieved in years. But the future we will have to continue building it and we will have to do it with intelligence, with generosity, and again with effort and sacrifice; thinking of the generations that follow us, for our country and its future, “he added.

The king has referred to the economic situation caused by the pandemic, which he described as “very complex and uncertain”, and has stressed that without a healthy economy it is difficult to move forward.

But he has warned that wealth by itself does not guarantee social progress understood as the solidarity and inclusive advancement of all citizens, and has considered that economic indicators often do not sufficiently explain everything that matters to us and dignifies us.

Given all this, he has shown that the challenge that Spain has before it will be overcome “together, in solidarity”.

A conviction that comes after having verified “the immense example” of all the professionals and volunteers who have responded from the first day to the emergency to save lives, attend to basic services and needs and make the country continue to function.

He has also praised and appreciated the initiatives that have been promoted since the start of the pandemic by both the business world and the innovative community.


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