The king praises the historical and artistic treasure of Spain and predicts success for LUX

Burgos, Jun 29 (EFE) .- King Felipe, who this Tuesday inaugurated a new exhibition of The Ages of Man in Burgos Cathedral, has praised the enormous historical and artistic treasure of the cathedrals and diocesan museums of Spain gathered in LUX, motto of the show that you have visited for more than an hour.

"Really impressed by the wonder that the new edition of The Ages of Man has gathered here in Burgos to celebrate both the eight centuries of the history of this Cathedral and the new Jacobean Holy Year", the monarch wrote in the Book of Honor of the exhibitions of The Ages of Man.

Felipe VI, who left Burgos shortly before 1.30 pm after greeting the dozens of people gathered on the cathedral esplanade, has referred to LUX as a "new spectacular display of our sacred art and our cultural heritage."

"I am sure it will be a success and will highlight its precious pieces, as well as the heritage set. With my admiration and gratitude," he added before stamping his signature.

Felipe VI has received, among other gifts, the keys to the cathedral, a book on its eight centuries of history and a replica of the sculpture of the guardian angel with the city in one of his hands, the original of which is located on the upper part of the altarpiece of the main altar.

The monarch has also taken a copy of one of the novels that the writer Óscar Esquivias partially set in the main temple of the Burgos archdiocese.

On the other hand, the president of Castilla y León, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, has referred to the "solid base of knowledge" of the king around the cathedral of Burgos and has expressed the pride of the people of Burgos, as well as the rest of the Castilian-Leonese, who have acclaimed a king dedicated "to strengthening and building democracy and the rule of law."

"The people of Castilla y León love the king and the Royal House," said the president after dismissing Felipe VI, during an interview that Radio Televisión Castilla y León (RTVCYL) has broadcast from his open-air studio installed in the Plaza del Rey San Fernando, on the occasion of this inauguration of The Ages of Man.

The president has invited citizens to enjoy LUX, open until mid-December at its three locations: Burgos, Carrión de los Condes (Palencia) and Sahagún (León).

"Our past and our present must propel us outside our borders", he has summarized in reference to the enormous and valuable historical heritage and its ability to project the image and identity of the autonomous community.

Along the same lines, the vice president, counselor and spokesperson for the regional government, Francisco Igea, praised the "success of this marvel", which are The Ages of Man, and invited them to visit.


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