June 17, 2021

The King of Cachopo defends his innocence before the jury

The moment of Rey del Cachopo: today he defends his innocence before the jury

The moment of Rey del Cachopo: today he defends his innocence before the jury

César Roman Viruete, known as the King of Cachopo, will take the floor this Tuesday to defend your innocence before the popular jury that will decide if he is guilty of kill his girlfriend Heidi Paz, dismember her and make part of the corpse disappear. His lawyer has warned that his statement can last hours. “He has a lot to tell,” lawyer Ana Isabel Peña told journalists who were waiting this Monday at the gates of the Provincial Court of Madrid, to whom he explained that Román has devoted much of his stay to Soto de Real prison to study and prepare his case, where he has been since November 2018 after being arrested as the alleged perpetrator of the crime discovered three months earlier.

On Monday he spoke several times with his lawyer during the first session of the judgment, and came to point the name of a witness to help her, while the accusations warned the jury of the ability of oratory and conviction of the accused.

After maintaining during the investigation process that Heidi Paz could have debts with a Colombian group and that is why they were able to kill her in August 2018, now the King of Cachopo could change version, since his lawyer has pointed out that one of the hypotheses that he could point out is that Heidi be alive.

In yesterday’s session, Monday, this lawyer wondered “what crime has been committed”, not considering it to be proven that the torso found inside a suitcase in a ship rented by César Román is from Heidi, and highlighting “errors” in the police investigation.

The statement of the one known as Rey del Cachopo, a name that he himself gave rise to after ensuring that he had won several gastronomic awards for this dish and opened five restaurants, will occupy the entire session on Tuesday. The Prosecutor’s Office asks for 15 years and five months in prison for Cesar Román for murder and desecration of corpse with the aggravating circumstances of kinship and gender reasons, while the private accusation exercised by Heidi’s family asks for 25 years for treacherous murder and aggravating relationship and gender, plus another year for habitual abuse. The popular accusation exercised by the Community of Madrid requests 15 years in prison for aggravated homicide based on gender.

The accusations coincide in that the defendant, who was 45 years old at the time of the crime, killed and he dismembered his partner, 25 years old and of Honduran origin, at the beginning of August 2018 and transferred the body to a warehouse that he had rented in the Usera neighborhood. After separating the head and limbs from the trunk, he removed everything except the trunk and then sprayed part of the body with caustic soda. She also burned some belongings and her breast prostheses, presumably to avoid identifying the victim. Then he moved to Zaragoza, where he was found working in a restaurant with a false identity and changed appearance.

The victim had two minor children who resided in Honduras for whom the Prosecutor’s Office claims compensation of 300,000 euros, as well as another compensation for his mother of 100,000.

About forty witnesses, about fifty policemen, forensicists, psychologists and doctors from the Institute of Toxicology and Criminalistics will explain to the jury -until May 28- what they know of the case, and the reports they prepared in this regard. .


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