July 29, 2021

The King Juan Carlos suppresses a hundred of masters and courses of experts | Society

The King Juan Carlos suppresses a hundred of masters and courses of experts | Society

The Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) Madrid has decided to eliminate from its academic offer more than a hundred titles, including master's degrees and courses of unofficial experts, who taught up to this course through different private companies with which he had an agreement. The Madrid university has reviewed the agreements it had with 28 private companies, whose identity has not been made public. The decision to review these agreements is framed, according to URJC sources, in the "process of internal regeneration" set in motion by the rector, Javier Ramos, after the irregularities uncovered in the master's degrees the regional president Cristina Cifuentes, of ex-minister Carmen Montón or of the president of the PP, Pablo Casado.

In total, it involves the suppression of 106 degrees, between master's degrees (own titles) and courses of experts (unofficial titles). "We have become stricter with the requirements for the realization of this type of qualifications ", added the same sources, who insist that it is a process of revision of" everything that is not degree training. " the URJC is that "most of the titles become internal management", as explained in a statement.

The university is now trying to "reinforce the quality of the titles offered" after the facts known in the Public Law Institute, already closed, initiating a "regeneration process that includes new control measures and procedures." It has also started, within the Office of the Vice-Chancellor of Postgraduate Studies with Professor Isabel Martínez at the head, the figure of the delegate of the rector for own titles. This change, it is claimed, aims to "support the vice-rector in this task of reviewing and restructuring the postgraduate programs".

According to the URJC, the Vice-rectorate has reviewed all the agreements of external management titles since May to "guarantee that they meet the quality standards pursued by the university", analyzing the 51 existing agreements in collaboration with other institutions or companies. "Of all of them, a total of 28 for the 2018/2019 academic year have been extinguished, affecting a total of 106 titles, because they did not provide the added value pursued by the university," the statement said.

The URJC has initiated "the examination of the agreements of greater to less academic weight". They are reviewing, in turn, the training courses. Among the measures adopted to guarantee good practices, the URJC highlights the creation of the new Vice-Rectorate for Quality, Ethics and Good Governance, which "is preparing an Ethical Code for its implementation in the next course". Lastly, an Office of Transparency, Participation and Good Governance will also be created, a body that other foreign universities already have, such as those of Iowa, Utah or Ohio.


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