"The king has a good political nose, but it is not credible"

"The king has a good political nose, but it is not credible"

The secretary of Organization and Action of Government of Podemos, Pablo Echenique, has assured today that the king was served last night of his "good political sense" and, "unlike the mistake he made last year," he addressed youth and women and moved away from the theses of the parties of the right, although "it is not credible".

Echenique has appeared to refer to the Christmas message of Don Felipe, who appealed to coexistence, to help young people to build their life project and showed their concern for territorial cohesion, corruption and gender violence, among other issues.

The leader of Podemos has opined that the king returns to the "classic discourse" after last year he assumed "the theses of the parties of the right regarding the territorial conflict".

"It is to celebrate this departure, but it is not credible, after it endorsed the 'for them' and gave the starting signal to the authoritarian strategy of PP, Citizens and Vox, it is not credible, but the intention is appreciated", has added.

In his opinion, Felipe VI also tries to approach young people, when -as he has claimed- the surveys reveal that the monarchical institution does not have much support among the youth.

The same happens with his appeal for equality, since, according to the leader of Podemos, the monarchical institution is "macho". "I would not be king if you did not discriminate against women in succession," added Echenique, who also underlined: "The mention of corruption is the least credible part, when in this year we have seen signs of corruption in the figure of Juan Carlos I ".

In summary, the leader of the purple formation maintains that "the king handles good surveys", knows that "he has very limited support among young people, women and in territories like Euskadi and Catalonia" and, although he has "a good political sense", It is not credible.


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