The King defends the Constitution as a "lesson of coexistence" – The Province

The King defends the Constitution as a "lesson of coexistence" - The Province

King Felipe VI has finished his speech at the ceremony to hand over the Princess of Asturias Awards with a tribute to the Spanish Constitution, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, and has referred to it as a "lesson of coexistence" represents "democracy and freedom" For the spanish people.

The imminent anniversary has served the head of state to recognize the text that "regained national sovereignty for the Spanish people", that" returned to the Spaniards their freedom and their condition of citizens "and" that recognized the diversity of their origins, cultures, languages ​​and territories ".

The Constitution was "the fruit of concord among Spaniards, united by a deep desire for reconciliation and peace " and "united by the firm will to live in democracy". Thus, he remarked that his 40th anniversary will be celebrated as "a great example" from which Spaniards can feel "deeply proud".

"Like a lesson of coexistence that dignifies politics and enhances our history as the best example of generosity, maturity, and responsibility of a whole people who won democracy and freedom", he added, emphasizing that" democracy and freedom is what represents and means for Spain, for the Spanish people ", the Constitution of 1978, a message that has been received with applause by the present audience.

At the ceremony a year ago, the final words of Felipe VI's speech they were, just a few weeks after 1-O, to underline that Spain would resolve in accordance with the Constitution and democratic institutions the " Unacceptable attempt at secession of a part of its national territory ".

The King then added that Catalonia " is and will be an essential part"of the 21st century Spain, after thanking the Spanish democracy for its support of the European institutions, to which it had just awarded the Princess of Asturias Award for Concord.


In his speech, the King has had words for all the winners in this edition and stressed that all of them share "the same homeland", that of "knowledge, culture, science and solidarity" whose borders are " traced by wisdom, dedication to ideals, effort and intelligence ".

The winners, he said, are "references" and "inspiration" for the current times. At a time when "the ephemeral and the superficial" often prevail, the Foundation is committed to "values ​​that remain" and to those who suggest "new and renewed paths". "Authenticity, respect for the truth and projects based on time on solid principles and deep convictions," he underlined.

Of the Prize of the Arts, the filmmaker Martin Scorsese, has stressed that the "greatness of his work" lies in "his constant search for truth and redemption," his "passion" for life and its ability to capture the chiaroscuro and "the ambivalence of human feelings."

When paying homage to Alma Guillermoprieto, Communication and Humanities Award, has highlighted how the journalist affirms that "the best journalism is the one that reflects, the journalism that investigates and verifies"and that journalism" is indispensable for democracy. "

Then, he has put value to NGOs Amref Health Africa, International Cooperation Award, its objective of achieving universal health coverage for the continent in 2030 and its fight against ablation. She has highlighted the fight, since 8 years, of Nice Nailantei Leng'ete, which has led thousands of girls to "have managed to escape from an unjust as well as terrible destiny, substituting genital mutilation for alternative rites of passage".

The winners of the Princess of Asturias Award 2018 for International Cooperation, Amref Health Africa and Amref Salud Africa. EFE

He has also taken advantage of the Concord Award, awarded to the doctor in Marine Biology Sylvia Earle, to underline how the sea and the waters, "the origin of life", begin to be in a situation "dangerously serious" due to overexploitation, the lack of oxygen in the so-called 'dead zones', the warming of the waters to cause of CO2 and the 8 million tons of plastic "that are thrown into the sea every year." alarming signs of a situation that it is necessary to reverse, that we have to change without delay, "he warned.

Of the winners in the Sports category, the climbers Reinhold Messner and Krzysztof Wielicki, has underlined the spirit of sacrifice and self-improvement, discipline and courage, and of the novelist Fred Vargas, Prize of Letters – Absent from the ceremony – his conception that artistic creation serves "to enter and leave reality, and also to look at it in the eyes".

Reinhold Messner and Krzysztof Wielicki, after receiving the Princess of Asturias Award for Sports. EFE

As for the Social Sciences Award, Michael Sandel, has impacted on its commitment to citizens questioning "how to work together for a more rational, more informed and more happy society".

In the category of Scientific and Technical Research, where the winner is Svante Pääbo, one of the founders of Paleogenetics, has highlighted how "science, which always looks to the future, does so many times immersing itself in the past, interpreting it and learning from it".


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