May 11, 2021

The King dedicates his speech to Princess Leonor and avoids talking about Catalua – La Provincia

King Felipe VI has dedicated a good part of his speech on Friday Princess of Asturias Awards to underline the constitutional role of the Crown heiress, who for the first time participated in the ceremony, and has avoided any reference to the situation in Catalonia after the sentence of 'procés'.

"The obligation to serve Spain and the Spaniards must be the greatest pride and the highest honor you can achieve. Your duty will always be to act with hope, courage and courage; growing in responsibility, in kindness, and in exemplarity", the King has said to his daughter.

This has been the first time that Princess Leonor, and her sister, Infanta Sofía, have attended the awards ceremony at the Campoamor Theater in Oviedo. The Crown heiress has read her first speech in public, in a ceremony that, according to her father, she wanted to go for a long time. "That day has come", he has said it.

After remembering the first time he participated, 38 years ago, Felipe VI reminded his daughter that her honorary presidency of the Princess of Asturias Foundation corresponds to the "personal and institutional commitment" she has with Spain as heiress.

A commitment, he added, that must "renew permanently with dedication, spirit of service, loyalty and responsibility", also with "humility" and being aware of its "institutional position, making the Crown a day-to-day reference of service" to country because "that's what citizens expect" from it.

Philip VI wanted his words to his daughter to serve as "trust message" for all its generation, especially in an event that what it does is reward "exemplarity", "surrender to the noblest causes" and "love for solidarity and freedom".

For the King, the winners in successive editions are authentic references in a world of uncertainties. "We have a duty to guide their steps," he said of the youth, "to leave them with a better world and to help them build it" and "the responsibility to foster in them the critical spirit" and the values ​​of culture and humanism.

Felipe VI has recognized that the presence of his daughters in the ceremony makes this edition an act "loaded with symbolism", for the link of the Crown with a land reflected in a title that he himself took "proud" as an heir and for the meaning of awards that "transcend all borders and reach every corner of knowledge."

As usual, the head of state has had words for all the winners. Of the Polish city of Gdansk, Princess of Asturias Award for Concord, stressed that it is an "example of solidarity, integration and peaceful coexistence", whose inhabitants have transformed "with great spirit, all the suffering of their struggle and their resistance in strength and courage , in peaceful coexistence and concord. "

To her mayor, Aleksandra Dulkiewicz, who has collected the prize, she has conveyed her admiration for the "vitality, civility and unity" of the city, and how her "will for reconciliation and the desire for a free, serene and peaceful life" They are "a true example."

The King has had praise for the theater director Peter Brook, Arts Award, for his "conviction about the value of scenic art, about its benefits for the viewer, which he has always considered the only true protagonist."

And has referred to Prado Museum, Communication and Humanities Award in its second centenary, as an "indissoluble part of the history of Spain" and its cultural heritage. The King has had words of thanks for his current and past responsible.

Of the winners awarded in Scientific and Technical Research, the American biologist Joanne Chory and the Argentine ecologist Sandra Myrna Díaz, He stressed that they highlight "the threatening climate crisis" that must be faced "without delay", but based on the fact that "there is still hope" thanks to science and research.

The work of the winner in the category of Lyrics, Siri Hustved, has led the King to point out how the writer insists "on the fact that women do not always find the recognition they deserve." "Based on his own experience, he states that in many cases they are forgotten and relegated simply because they are. Siri Hustvedt writes and works to make this unfair situation change definitively," he said.

For the equality and generating opportunities for girls also works the award winning in the category of Sports, the American skier Lindsey Vonn, "paradigm not only of everything that can be achieved with willpower and determination" but also of everything positive that sports brings, said Felipe VI, who also congratulated Vonn for his 35th birthday.

The Social Sciences Award, destined to Cuban American Alejandro Portes, has brought immigration and integration and coexistence of immigrant children to the Campoamor Theater, because the sociologist "explains how the integration process leads to the construction of a better society."

"We are encouraged to know that, for Portes, Spain, where you have led outstanding research teams, it is a reference for the management of this sustained, diversified and orderly emigration, essential in today's world," said the King.

The International Cooperation award has been for the American engineer Salman Khan and its educational platform Khan Academy, which makes knowledge accessible to millions of people around the world, with a method that is based "on the essential figure of teachers".

It has been the 38th ceremony of these Awards and the King has stressed that they and the Foundation that gives them their name have "accompanied the Spaniards" in the future of their democratic life, giving "admirable examples of culture, humanism and openness to the world "and also generating innumerable emotional and transcendent moments, such as this Friday, with the participation of his daughters.


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