August 11, 2020

The king closes with Errejón the first day of the round of consultations

Felipe VI has completed with the leader of Más País-Equo, Íñigo Errejón, the first day of the round of consultations with parties with parliamentary representation to see if he appoints a candidate to try the investiture.

In the first time that Errejón participates in these meetings that the king celebrates in the Palacio de la Zarzuela, after his platform added three seats, including that of Compromís, in the November 10 elections.

"Welcome," Don Felipe has told him when Errejón has approached him after crossing the Audience Hall.

The former leader of Podemos has responded to the cordiality of the head of state by first shaking one hand and then also supporting the other in that of the king.

Don Felipe has invited him to come to his office to keep the meeting behind closed doors, which has started about ten minutes late on schedule.

In the conversation, Errejón has told what position More Country has before a possible investiture of the president of the acting Government and leader of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez.

The former number two of Podemos is in favor of a progressive government and a legislature agreement to give it stability, focusing on social, equality and environmental policies.

The round of consultations will continue tomorrow, Wednesday, with Alberto Garzón (IU); Aitor Esteban (PNV); Jaume Asens (In Common Podem); Laura Borràs (Junts per Catalunya); Inés Arrimadas (Citizens); Pablo Iglesias (We can); Santiago Abascal (Vox); Pablo Casado (PP) and Sánchez.

At the end of the meetings with the 18 political leaders, Felipe VI will decide whether or not to appoint a candidate Sánchez to try the investiture.

ERC, which is negotiating with the PSOE to facilitate the investiture, does not participate in consultations with the monarch, so the head of state will not know firsthand the intentions of the independence formation.

They have also declined to go to Zarzuela EH Bildu, the CUP and BNG.

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