August 7, 2020

The king closes consultations today to decide if there will be a candidate for investiture

The king will conclude on Wednesday his round of consultations with the representatives of the parties to decide if he proposes a candidate for investiture as president of the Government.

Felipe VI began this round on Tuesday receiving at the Palacio de la Zarzuela the leaders appointed by nine political formations, and today it will be the turn for another nine.

Specifically, representatives of IU, PNV, En Comú Podem, Junts per Catalunya, Citizens, Podemos, Vox, PP and PSOE will go through the office of the head of state.

Therefore, the last to go to Zarzuela will be Pedro Sánchez, and immediately afterwards it will be known if the king proposes him as a candidate, since it is the only option that is considered.

If so, Felipe VI will communicate to the president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, her decision, and she will be in charge of making it public.

On the first day of consultations, which takes place in order from least to most parliamentary representation, it was the turn for minority parties.

Only two formations, Forum Asturias and UPN, both allies of the PP in the elections of November 10, advanced to the king his "no" resounding to invest Pedro Sánchez.

The majority of the remaining seven were open to this support, although some expressed their distrust or warning, such as the Canary Coalition or the Cantabria Regionalist Party, because of the content of the agreement that it can finally reach with ERC.

Esquerra Republicana was very present in the statements of all the interlocutors of Felipe VI despite the fact that this formation has decided to leave the round with the head of state.

Especially in a day in which ERC and PSOE met in Barcelona and made a joint statement in which they found "progress" to "channel the political conflict" Catalan and for an eventual investiture of Sanchez.

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