The King arrives in Cartagena to inaugurate the Museum of the Roman Forum

Felipe VI inaugurates the Museum of the Roman Forum in Cartagena.

Felipe VI inaugurates the Museum of the Roman Forum in Cartagena.
Ivan Urquízar

The King Felipe VI already on Cartagena. At 11:30 a.m. and with a great display of security in his wake, His Majesty arrived at the Molinete Archaeological Park to inaugurate the Roman Forum Museum, a unique sample in the Region that aspires to become the most visited in Cartagena.

His Majesty has arrived accompanied by the Minister of Culture, Jose Manuel Rodriguez Uribes, to the surroundings of the museum, where the president of the Autonomous Community, Fernando López Miras, was already waiting for them; President of the Regional Assembly, Alberto Castillo; General Delegate of the Government, José Veléz; Mayor of Cartagena, Ana Belén Castejón, and President of the Repsol Foundation, Antonio Brufau.

The King has stopped on the way to greet the public that the restrooms of the Casco Histórico medical center were already waiting for him.

Upon receipt by local and regional authorities, and with dozens of Cartagena in the surroundings from the museum to see the arrival of the King to the port city, Felipe VI has unleashed the commemorative plaque that has already opened the museum.

At the moment it is touring the museum premises, which has pieces that have been recovered during excavations at El Molinete, as well as the Temple of Isis, which has been connected to the museum space. Now, Felipe VI will also sign the Cartagena Golden Book.

This is the King’s second visit to Cartagena in less than two weeks. On April 22, he arrived in the port city with Mrs. Letizia, Princess Leonor and Infanta Sofía to preside at the Navantia Launching Ceremony of the first class 80 submarine, the S-81 Isaac Peral.

About the museum

The Museum of the Barrio del Foro Romano, which has an investment of almost two million euros, is the largest commitment to the heritage of the local government, with which the City of Cartagena hopes to exceed its record of more than half a million visitors before the pandemic.

The connection of the Temple of Isis with the museum has accounted for 446,000 euros of the total budget. While the bulk of the investment has been to raise the building, which has cost 1.2 million euros. The remaining 252,000 euros have been earmarked for the musealization of the property.

Among the extensive collection of almost 400 pieces that the museum hasThe paintings of the muses Calliope and Tepsicore stand out. A unique museum in the Region that, due to its relevance, aspires to become one of the most visited in Cartagena, at “the height” of the Roman Theater, indicated from the City Hall.

The materials that make up the museum’s collection are owned by the autonomous communities and have been transferred on deposit. In addition to materials from the excavations carried out between 2008 and 2019 in the Archaeological Park itself, there are also pieces from the National Archaeological Museum that have been transferred on deposit by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

Since 2013, the Repsol Foundation has contributed almost 5 million euros to carry out the recovery of the Roman Forum and the museum.


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