The keys to not ruin you on this vacation


During the summer holidays the spending of people on vacation is more likely to increase. You look less in your pocket and, sometimes, making the effort to save is diminished by the desire to make plans that during the months of work are not possible. Therefore, planning before and during our stay the expense we want to execute can be a good idea not to ruin during the holidays.

Along these lines, the expert team of the flash sales travel agency, Busco un Chollo, has presented a ranking of practical tips for not spending more than desired. Therefore, the first advice they propose is to establish a realistic and tight previous budget to the economic capacity of each one.

Once you have thought about the budget you want to spend, these experts recommend taking a travel package that includes activities and other extras. According to Busco un Chollo, when booking one of these packages, the agencies usually offer cheaper discounts and prices than if certain services are contracted at the destination in question.

But without a doubt, what can make our initial budget jump through the air is to make compulsive purchases and gifts "by commitment." Thus, it is recommended that before making the purchase of a souvenir bag, dress or shirt, think about whether it is really necessary to acquire it. But if these purchases are unavoidable, from this travel agency they recommend fleeing from the most tourist and central shops since prices are, in general, higher.

At lunchtime it is also advisable to be careful. Experts warn that an apartment has been reserved, it is advisable to save the facilities and to cook there. But, in case you are staying in a hotel, it is advisable to hire the scheme in advance. "Without a contracted regime, it is very likely to end up paying more at the hotel or at the restaurants of the destination," these experts say.

In the event that you travel to a place where payments cannot be made in euros and you have to make a currency exchange, it is “essential” to be able to compare between the rates offered by banks and the exchange offices of the airport . So, I'm looking for a bargain recommended change the coins in the exchange houses inside the airports, «Since they try to compete with each other to offer the best offer to tourists».

Plan mobility

The way to move properly and efficiently through the city visited must also be consulted and planned. Experts advise asking if there is any public transport voucher that is economical and that includes several means of transport. For this reason, they warn: «Moving without previously consulting rates may mean a higher outlay».

In the case that you travel with a private car, before heading to the destination you have to check if the accommodation where you are going to stop has private parking or if there are free parking areas nearby. In this way, you can avoid having to be in the trouble of having to park in limited time parking areas or in a parking lot with a higher price than desired.

Measure and weigh luggage It is also a good idea to avoid problems when taking, for example, an airplane and having to bear additional costs. And is that airlines can charge supplements in the event that the suitcase does not fit the conditions of the company. In addition, according to this group of experts, there are already airlines that do not include an additional package in their hand luggage, which may mean that you have to check a bag that was not intended.

One option that has become fashionable in recent years is to tour the city through the «Free tours», guided tours that, in principle, do not have an established price but that each person pays what they think is fair. In this way, the consumer saves money while financially helping the guide who has prepared the tour.

In addition, from Busco un Chollo remember that those under 30, over 65 and different groups often have significant discounts. If not, there will always be the opportunity to visit the museums on special days with free schedules.

And without a doubt, the last but no less important advice presented by these experts is take tourist rates into account, an extra tax for staying in a hotel or tourist apartment that is only established in Spain at the moment, in Catalonia and the Balearic Islands, but in other places in Europe, such as Italy or Brussels, it is normalized. In the capital of Belgium, for example, approximately four euros are charged per person per night at the hotel.


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