The keys to an excellent moving service

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SIT UK adapts to any mobility need that our clients have, in all types of destinations and for all types of needs, as demonstrated by the following services:

Local and national moving

A call, a message or a click... and one of our experienced technicians will visit your home to carry out a detailed study of your move to any part of Spain.

– Visit of Technical Inspector or Video call. One of our technical inspectors will come to your home free of charge to assess the move.

– Packing and Collection Service. Once the transfer date has been set, a qualified team of SIT operators will come to your home to handle, pack and collect your personal belongings.


– Land, Sea and Air Transport. We have 75 own vehicles, trailers, trucks, vans and cars, to carry out personalized ground transportation to your next destination, punctually and safely.

Regarding maritime and air transport, our coordination and planning department works with the most prestigious shipping companies and airlines.

– Delivery and Unpacking Service. The final 'touch': making sure your belongings arrive on time and are placed correctly in your new home.

international move

Did you know that we are the Spanish company with the largest number of services, certifications and affiliations to international associations? Our international management model distinguishes us.

– Excellent International Network. We belong to the most prestigious associations of international moving companies whose members make up our international network of agents and extend the high quality of our professional services abroad, guaranteeing your success.

– Our Coordinator, your travel companion. SIT will provide you with the necessary help to speed up and solve your transfer through a coordinator who will take you by the hand from origin to destination.

– Services at Origin and Destination. Thanks to our excellent international network, the quality of the move remains intact beyond Europe.

– Land, Sea and Air Transport. Our greatest value proposition thanks to a modern and extensive fleet of specially designed vehicles. The management of maritime transfers with the most globally recognized shipping companies and airport services, only within the reach of SIT.

Office transfers

Planning, speed and efficiency, the way of working that companies value most according to our professional experience after having transferred to the largest and most reputable companies and institutions in our country.

– Personalized study. Each move is unique, so we study your project carefully to propose an intelligent solution for moving your offices in the best conditions and in the shortest possible time. Thanks to our experience, the planning and execution department will fully meet all your needs.

– Preparation, Packaging and Transportation of all Office material, Equipment and Furniture. Office removals, unlike the rest, must be more agile and committed in time to interrupt the work of the company in the shortest time possible. The transfer of documents, files, papers and computer equipment must arrive intact at the new office. Therefore, it is important to have a professional team and the best materials and packaging for this type of object.

– Unloading, installation and assembly of equipment or furniture in the new office. We not only place, but also order. After the careful transport and unloading of the computer equipment and furniture at the destination, our technicians will install the computer equipment in the new workstations together with the new position of the furniture within the company as if nothing had changed. We are excited to see our clients grow and improve.

Furniture repository

We have a furniture warehouse in Madrid with 15,000 m3 with 24/7 surveillance, state-of-the-art security systems and fire extinguishing systems for the safety of your belongings.

– Spacious and Efficient Warehouses. Space problems? Our headquarters in Madrid have 23,000 m2 and 15,000 m3 available to store your belongings.

– Surveillance 24 hours / 7 days. We have surveillance and internal security 24 hours. For greater protection, we have high resolution video surveillance cameras placed throughout the premises connected to an alarm center to react quickly to any threat.

– Security Systems and Fire Extinguishing. Our entry/exit control system for people and vehicles gives us the peace of mind of being able to work without worries and with the greatest security. Additionally, we have installed a fire extinguishing system so that the merchandise is not damaged by fire.

– Air-conditioned areas. Due to the type of merchandise we work with, such as paintings, sculptures and others, for better conservation, we have special areas where temperature and humidity are regulated. It is a value contribution that only companies like SIT can provide to their clients.

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