The keys to Alonso and Alpine’s plan

The two-time Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso.

The two-time Formula 1 world champion Fernando Alonso.

There is less and less left for the Formula 1 World Championship to end and the title fight is still burning between Max verstappen and Lewis hamilton. The next chapter will be in Mexico although in recent weeks the progress of the teams regarding the change of regulations for next season has begun to focus the current affairs of the Gran Circo.

Beyond ‘The Plan’ that has been viralized by Alpine and Fernando Alonso, Other teams such as Ferrari such as Carlos Sainz are also already openly talking about their progress regarding these new technical specifications that they will have to prepare for 2022.

In that sense after he spoke Marcin budkowski, CEO of Alpine has now been Laurent Rossi, CEO, who has explained exclusively to what it is the team’s project to return soon to the top of the Formula 1, something like the explanation of The Plan.

Alpine’s strategy to win races and championships again

Rossi analyzes the situation of the team after the return of Alonso and in a season in which they have been with one eye on preparing the team, gaining experience in Grand Prix after Grand Prix and another in designing a winning car. “We have learned a lot at the operational level this year. That is always a plus. We are going to apply it next year, but then we need to strengthen ourselves to grow and go from fifth to first position, race after race and season after season for years to come ”.

Fernando Alonso from Oviedo, at the controls of the Alpine. EFE

In that sense, Rossi assures that fifth place in the Constructors’ World Cup “is not the line they want” for the future. “I clearly want the team to fight for podiums and victories at the end of the next regulation, this is 2024/25, depending on when they decide to change the new regulation package.”. A few words that coincide with those he had a few weeks ago stating that success will not be immediate.

“To do that we need to evolve the team a little more. I think the team has gone from ninth to fifth, after the peak we have reached very well in recent years, “adds the Alpine F1 Team executive about it.

“Now we have to move to the next stage and become the best of the leading teams, much more than just being the best of the rest, this is another evolution that is necessary,” explains Rossi about the steps to follow on the team and assures: “What I want is to maintain the momentum of the previous season, this is I want to maintain the fifth position. I don’t want us to back down. “

In another vein, Rossi points out in that interview that Alpine should take advantage of the cost cap to have an opportunity to sneak into the upper zone: “We are going to be under the spending cap regulation, so the plan that we are going to apply Next year is not necessarily the plan that we have applied in previous years. We will need to adapt to a new context and I think we have the strength in assets to do so. Why? Because this won’t be wasting money on problem solving ever again. We will all have the same cost cap. This will be more about how to execute, how you decide where you invest ”

“More, being a teamwork is very important because this means an efficient integration of the power unit in the chassis will probably be fundamental in the performance of the car,” says Rossi about that new car that they will have to build by 2022. A car that as explained in this article (see link) In the specific case of Alpine, it will have advantages of expense and hours of wind tunnel compared to other teams.

“Then the wisdom, the knowledge and the experience that we’ve been in for 45 years with, so we can probably draw on this for a little longer. It is a fact that we rely on the Renault Group in the medium and short term with a safe path rather than putting everything in danger every year ”, he highlights about Renault’s plans with Alpine F1 Team, its motorsport arm.

Rossi tries to assess what will be the performance and the importance of the different parts of the car from 2022: “We have seen over the last few years that aerodynamics have become the most important thing. We will see where it is in the future with the new regulations, but this could be aerodynamics, it could be other departments because the cars will be different ”.

So Alpine, through Rossi’s mouth, assures that they have The Plan for next year, but like all teams they will only know if they have a winning car when they start rolling in February in the Catalonia and / or Bahrain tests.

Ferrari and Sainz are optimistic

All teams have a plan for the 2022 rule change. One of those who have also placed high hopes in this new paradigm is Ferrari. The ‘scuderia’ has taken a step forward this season to return to its rightful place in Formula 1.

Madrid driver Carlos Sainz. EFE

In that sense, in Maranello they are calm with the performance of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, as well as the first tests of the car for 2022 as Mattia Binotto assured: “Considering last year’s situation, we have certainly taken a great step forward. We still know that there is a difference with respect to the best engine (Mercedes), but we believe that this difference is no longer so dramatic “


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