The keys of Zidane for the resurrection of Real Madrid in the Classic

With changes in the system due to Hazard's new casualty and the possible return to Kroos' eleven, whites hope to reverse the trend of recent weeks

Real Madrid arrives at the Classic touched, the defeat at home against the City has finished undermining the confidence around those of Zidane. The weakness shown in the last minutes before the English has dismantled the image that had been carved during most of the season. But now, at the key moment, the situation in which white people arrive at the Classic reminds dangerously of the sinking of last year. They play it in just two weeks, because although a defeat against Barça would not yet make LaLiga impossible, it would mean a mood blow for the Champions League return, in addition to putting the last leg of the season tremendously uphill. The good thing, that Zidane is still in reaction time and maintaining an almost impeccable resume.

Although those of Chamartín also suffered before this appointment the loss of Hazard, the whites already they did not acknowledge their fault during their first serious injury of this season In fact, curiously, the absence of the Belgian produced the opposite effect as expected, and that is 21 undefeated matches who came to chain, Hazard only participated in seven. And at the same time, his return, in which he seemed fully recovered, just coincided with the crisis of the team, signing two games without winning (today three) and falling injured again against Levante.

Nevertheless, Vinicius, against Manchester City, he was also unable to reverse the trend, and that is that the Brazilian is called to cover the left wing during the injury of the brand new white signing. Due to the progression that the Brazilian experiences in these weeks, part of the future of Real Madrid passes, since Benzema He seems to have lost the punch he showed at the start of the season and the rotations do not stop on the right side.

One of the most shared conclusions about the defeat against the Guardiola is that the strength of Real Madrid depends largely on the presence of Toni Kroos, who lived the whole round of eighths from the bench. The defensive forcefulness that the Casemiro-Valverde duo usually provides, reduces the gaps for the entry of the German in the eleven. Even so, everything points, that after the disappointment of Champions, Zidane makes changes in the eleven to incorporate Kroos, looking for control over the pace of the match.

Although the white captain, Sergio Ramos, has already assured that «the Classic does not have to be decisive, since there is still a lot of League», a defeat at the Bernabéu would give the rivals a five-point advantage that they have not yet enjoyed in this edition. Instead, the local victory would return the lead to Real Madrid, although only for one point. But beyond the classification, the Zidane will seek this Sunday to recover the defensive solidity which keeps them as the entity with the least goals for LaLiga (17 in 25 days) and allied again with the Bernabéu, a "fort" recently assaulted by City, Celta and Real Sociedad.


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