July 5, 2020

The key player who can miss this day by being at a polling station

The First Division teams prepare the next weekend's day with the available players: those who are sanctioned or injured. But there is a team that must face an unusual loss and that upsets the plans, being one of its most fit players this year. And they could have been two, but in one case it has been avoided. It is the case of Levante UD that, after his victory last weekend against FC Barcelona, ​​has to visit the new San Mamés but will not be able to count on Aitor Fernández, the starting goalkeeper and who is doing an excellent season under the sticks of the Granota team.

According to COPE, the goalkeeper has been summoned as a substitute at a polling station in Mondragón (Guipúzcoa), Fernández's hometown and that curiously is less than an hour from the place where the match will be played. There is a circumstance that the substitute goalkeeper, Oier, is injured so Paco López will be forced to summon the two goalkeepers of the subsidiary team. This, in turn, would force the subsidiary to have to have the goalkeepers of the Honor Division team and thus cascade down to the lower categories.

The team has tried to resolve the situation and has filed an appeal in the first instance but has been denied. The Levant alleged that the absence of his titular goalkeeper means adulterating the competition, so the legal team works against the clock to try to be allowed to go with the team in Bilbao and have contacted the owner's environment – whose absence it would imply that the goalkeeper would have to be yes or yes at the polling station – and he has informed of his intention to go to fulfill his responsibility in the school.

Another added problem is that the match is played at 2 pm. Fernandez will travel with the team but on Sunday he will have an intense day. To be at the polling station you must get up about six in the morning and go by road to your hometown. Once the table is composed, if the holder goes to his post, the goalkeeper must take the road back to rejoin the team dynamics and be able to jump into the field.

The other case that affected the Granota team was that of the right-back Miramón, who was called to be at a polling station in Zaragoza. The club presented a resource so that it could be present in Bilbao and this time it was accepted, so Paco López can count on him on Sunday.

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