December 3, 2020

The JxCat exporter in the Parliament denies in a video the accusations of sexual harassment

The former spokesperson in the JxCat Parliament, Eduard Pujol, released a video to the media this morning to defend himself against the accusations of sexual harassment that led the leadership of his party to relieve him of his position and withdraw his deputy certificate. Pujol maintains that he is “innocent” and has announced that he has placed the case in the hands of his lawyer to initiate legal action against “any person” who “falsely” accuses him of similar acts. “They accuse me falsely and I will be able to prove it,” he assured. “I will be relentless.”

JxCat dismisses its spokesperson in the Parliament for a complaint of sexual harassment

JxCat dismisses its spokesperson in the Parliament for a complaint of sexual harassment

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Junts per Catalunya he dismissed last October 26 and he dismissed Pujol as a militant, who until that moment had been the group’s spokesperson in Parliament, after receiving a complaint of sexual harassment within the formation. Hours after her dismissal, a journalist affirmed that she also suffered harassment by Pujol eight years ago. The former director of RAC1 was one of the independent candidates signed by Carles Puigdemont to form his list in the 2017 elections.

Pujol has insisted in his video that “he has never” abused any woman or harassed her, and has stated that he has always had “zero tolerance” and has “fought” “sexual harassment” and “machismo.” The former deputy has recalled that to this day there is no complaint for the alleged harassment for which he was relieved of his position.

“I feel defenseless in the face of serious and false accusations,” he said in the recording. “I feel like I’ve been condemned before even listening to me.” According to Pujol, the people who have accused him have done so “in breach of the truth” and with a “spurious interest.” Regarding the subsequent accusations of the journalist Núria Casas, Pujol has affirmed without citing her that they are “completely false” and has indicated that he will also prove it. “I have never taken advantage of the hierarchical relationship, neither of the age nor of the condition of anybody,” says Pujol, who in the recording also affirms that he is “defamed” in a “gratuitous” and “unscrupulous way.

“I hope that shortly, when we give justice time to act and do its job, everyone who knows me and has been able to doubt me will see the damage that has been done to me,” concluded the former deputy, who stated that she will come out “stronger” from this situation and then “will continue to fight” against “machismo” and “any type of violence against women” as “she has always done.”


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