July 28, 2021

The Justice will decide on the resources of the sentence of «The Pack» on November 7

The Justice will decide on the resources of the sentence of «The Pack» on November 7

The Criminal Chamber of the Superior Court of Justice of Navarre (TSJN) has indicated for next November 7 the deliberation and ruling of the appeals filed against the sentence of the Second Section of the Provincial Court that sentenced to 9 years in prison, for a continued crime of sexual abuse with pre-emption, to the five accused of the group violation of the Sanfermines of 2016.

Once a decision has been made by the five magistrates that make up the Criminal Chamber of the TSJN, the sentence could be drafted, and notified to the parties, approximately one month later.

In a car made public today, against which there is no recourse, The Chamber ratifies its previous decision not to hold an oral hearing on the terms requested in its appeals by the complainant and the Pamplona City Council, as well as the defenses of four of the five convicts.

The Superior Court he does not consider it necessary to hold the hearing for the correct formation of his conviction since "it is illustrated by the extensive and well-founded appeals and their respective challenges."

"On the other hand, the decision not to hold a hearing is better suited to the interest of preserving the identity and indemnity of the victim complainant," the magistrates assure.

Also, the Criminal Chamber reiterates the inadmissibility of a document presented by the private prosecution in its appeal regarding the initiation and treatment received by the complainant in the comprehensive care center for women victims of sexual violence of the Community of Madrid.

This psychological report that the private accusation intended to incorporate, according to the magistrates in the resolution, contains a material and transcription error of the start date of a particular treatment, a circumstance that is admitted by the defense of one of the five defendants in its challenge to the appeal and that, in addition, the Chamber could deduct in light of the evidence already provided in the proceeding.


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