The Justice reopens the sale of the Goya of Aguirre's husband and orders to process the challenge against the judge

The Provincial Court has reopened the case of the sale of the Goya by Esperanza Aguirre's husband and has ordered the challenge against the Madrid judge who filed the case. The case focused on the alleged simulation of the inheritance of that painting and the money that could have defrauded the Treasury with the sale of the Goya for five million euros to businessman Juan Miguel Villar Mir.

The Fifth Section has issued an order in which it estimates the appeal of the plaintiff, Íñigo Ramírez de Haro, brother of Aguirre's husband, against the order of the investigating court number 26 of Madrid in which he refused to even admit the incident for processing of recusal.

Judge Concepción Jerez justified that decision "for not stating the legal cause and the reasons on which the challenge was based" and shortly after she filed the case, without waiting for the decision of the Hearing on the challenge, considering that it was not committed no crime in that operation.

Ramírez de Haro alleges that the cause for recusal is the lack of impartiality of the judge, which is deduced from the substantiated appearance of being "judge and jury" in his actions during the taking of the statement as a witness of the director of private sales of old paintings. of the auction house Sotheby's, James McDonald, in which he had prevented, interrupted, conditioned or altered the normal development of the interrogation by the prosecution.

The Provincial Court now considers that this recusal incident had to be processed and forces the case to be reopened. Now a magistrate of that court will be appointed who will make a report on the judge's actions, and a section of the Provincial Court will decide if there are reasons to remove the judge from the case and continue with the investigation, or if there are none and the case should be closed again.

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