The Justice confirms the acquittal of Errejón in the case of the alleged aggression of Lavapiés

The Justice confirms the acquittal of Errejón in the case of the alleged aggression of Lavapiés

acquittal of Inigo Errejon of the accusation of having attacked a neighbor of Lavapiés is already firm. The Provincial Court of Madrid has rejected the complainant's appeal and has confirmed the acquittal of the leader of Más País for lack of evidence that he kicked the man in the gut, as he had denounced.

Errejón and the Prosecutor's Office request definitive acquittal in the complaint for the alleged kick

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The Madrid politician sat on the bench of a Madrid court accused of having kicked a Lavapiés neighbor in the gut after an argument at the end of the Madrid electoral campaign in May 2021. The Prosecutor's Office requested his acquittal and the court understood that there was no proof endorsing the complainant's version.

Now it is the Provincial Court of Madrid that has firmly sealed the acquittal of the leader of Más País, as they had requested both he and the prosecution. The judges explain to the complainant the difficulty of revoking an acquittal without new evidence and without holding a hearing, as he requested. "If the annulment is not expressly requested and it is not noted that the sentence suffers from any of the blatant errors, the revocation of the acquittal will not be possible, so the appeal filed should be dismissed," he explains.

The process against Errejón was delayed in time when the investigating magistrate agreed to withdraw from the case so as not to be the same one who judged the complaint when she had started some proceedings and actions. During the trial, Errejón and the complainant maintained completely incompatible versions: the Lavapiés neighbor described in great detail how he rebuked the politician and how he responded with a kick "as if with contempt" while Errejón, whom the Justice has finally given firm reason denied the facts.

This decision of the Provincial Court, through Judge Francisco Manuel Oliver, is the end of this case. The six-page resolution itself specifies that "there is no appeal against this resolution."

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