The jury of 'Your face sounds to me' arrives in Madrid after several days trapped

Chenoa arrives at the Atocha station.

Chenoa arrives at the Atocha station.

After the expected end of 'Your face is familiar to me' in which Jorge González won the winner statuette, part of the jury of the program and some of the contestants return to Madrid several days late due to the consequences of the storm Filomena that has left the city practically isolated.

This time Chenoa, Lolita Flores, Mario Vaquerizo and Yolanda Ramos They arrived at the Madrid bird station after a somewhat complicated trip in which they had to deviate to Valencia in order to return home. "We have been trapped in Barcelona, ​​not in the desert, we cannot complain," Lolita acknowledged upon arrival in the city. In spite of everything, she acknowledged that she has been able to enjoy these days surrounded by friends: "Very well, I have many friends in Barcelona, ​​although the curfew was until 22:00 we have been together, it is not for drama either."

Avoiding the subject of Isabel Pantoja and her possible move to Mexico, Lolita says with irony: "I am going to stay here for now. I hope to get home."

For her part, Chenoa arrived in the city with a most wintery look and recognizing that she wanted to meet again with her partner Miguel Sánchez Encinas: "A little while yes, I want to see it." With her wedding plans for 2021 still up in the air, Chenoa ironically acknowledges: "We'll see, little by little. Right now I'm thinking about seeing how I get home."

Showing off the sense of humor that characterizes him, Vaquerizo commented that the trip with his companions had not been all bad: "The journey very well accompanied, adversities get along much better with these teammates, with Yolanda, Lolita, with everyone. We are very well."


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