The jury of the InnoBankia Awards meets to choose winners – The Province

The jury of the InnoBankia Awards meets to choose winners - The Province

The first edition of the InnoBankia Awards begins the countdown to announce the winning companies. Yesterday washe met the jury of these awards convened by Bankia and La Provincia,to choose the finalists and the 4 companies that, next October 30, will go on stage at Club La Provincia, to collect their statuettes.

The jury of these awards was composed ofrecognized personalities of the Canarian business world, such as Agustín Robles Hernández, director of Zona Las Palmas Norte of Bankia and Marcos Olivan Cortés, director of Business Center 8745 of Bankia; Antonio Marcelino Santana, managing director of the Science and Technology Park Foundation of theUniversity of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Carlos Díaz, head of the Project Analysis Department of the Economic Promotion Society of Gran Canaria (SPEGC), dependent on theCabildo of Gran Canaria-who has participated in the jury on behalf of the Economic Development, Energy and R + D + i Department of the grancanarian corporation,Raúl García Brink-; Clara Sosa, Technical Manager of Competitiveness, Foreign Promotion and Internal Communication of the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – representing the Councilor for Economic Promotion, Employment andtourism,Pedro Quevedo-; Gustavo Ojeda, vice president of the Canary Islands Business Confederation, José Joaquín Bethancourt, CEO of the Society for the Economic Development of the Canary Islands (Sodecan) and Pilar Alcaide, general director of the Chamber of Commerce of Gran Canaria.

All of them have carried out a great selection process to choose the finalists from among all the Canarian companies that have submitted to these awards.

Success of participation

The registration period has been open for two months through the website created for these awards and during this time, Canarian companies from all sectors have registered in a maximum of two of the five categories of these awards:Better Professional Career; Innovation Award; Award to the Best Tourist Company, Award to the Best Sustainable Company and Award to the Best Exporting Company.

In addition, theIndicex Special Prize for Digitalizationto one of the participating companies in this first edition of the InnoBankia Awards in the Canary Islands.

The finalists will be published on Monday, October 22 on the in all the news media of the newspaper.

The winners will be announced during the course ofthe gala, to be held at Club La Provincia on October 30.In addition, until that date you can see all the information about the participating companies, as well as the finalists selected in each category, through the web.

The winners will be published in all the information media of La Provincia (printed newspaper, digital edition and social channels) to give visibility to the wide business diversity that exists in the Canarian community.

In addition, all the information about the participating companies, as well as the final winners can be found through the website.


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