December 5, 2020

The jury deliberates from today if the son-in-law killed the widow of former president CAM

The six women and three men who are part of the popular jury of the trial for the crime of María del Carmen Martínez, widow of the former president of Caja Mediterráneo (CAM) Vicente Sala, will deliberate from noon today if one of his sons-in-law, Miguel López, He is the material author of the shots that ended his life.

In this way, an trial that has lasted for seventeen sessions at the Provincial Court of Alicante with a great media follow-up to know the details of the homicide occurred on the late night of December 9, 2016 in the laundry of the concessionaire is terminated of cars owned by the victim and managed by his son-in-law and sole defendant.

On the day of the final conclusions, yesterday, López accepted his right not to testify and his lawyer requested the acquittal for lack of evidence, while the prosecution and the private prosecution asked for the guilt, with which he would face 24 years in jail for an alleged crime of murder.

The jurors will sit for the penultimate time in the courtroom from 12 noon today to receive from the magistrate who has chaired the sessions, Francisca Bru, the questions that, with the denomination 'object of verdict', will address to clarify whether Miguel López is guilty or not guilty, a spokesman for the Valencian Superior Court of Justice (TSJCV) has reported.

They will then proceed to deliberate in a situation of solitary confinement with third parties or abroad for a period of 48 hours, extendable twice to a maximum of two, so the verdict should always be before six days.

In any case, legal sources consulted by Efe have calculated that the guilt or not will probably be known before the expiration of the first term, that is, throughout Friday.

The answers to the 'object of verdict' that the magistrate will raise will serve so that, in case of guilt, the crimes are qualified and the penalty determined by the professional court is determined later.

For there to be guilt, seven or more of the nine jurors must determine it, while for the non-guilty five votes will be required.

In case the defendant was found guilty, the jury has the power to request the suspension of the sentence and also to request a pardon from the Government, although for both requests a minimum of five votes of the nine possible are required, as stipulated the Jury Law.

The jury will step on the courtroom for the last time once it has its verdict so that, once there, the spokesperson they designate communicates with loud voice to Miguel López if he is guilty or not of the murder.

María del Carmen Martínez died bleeding at around 7:00 p.m. on December 9, 2016 after receiving two shots in the head when she went to pick up her car in the laundry room of the dealership of her property (Novocar) run by her son-in-law Miguel López.

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