The jury declares Alfonso Prez guilty of killing his nephew – La Provincia

The popular jury has convicted Alfonso Pérez of killing his nephew after take two stabs on May 11, 2018 on Don Quijote street in Puerto del Rosario. They have also considered accredited that the prosecuted He did not act out of unsurpassed fear or self-defense.

The Chamber considered the thesis of the Prosecutor's Office as proven that Alfonso Pérez ended his nephew's life moments after he attacked him and put aside the knife with which he stabbed his uncle in the stomach. The jury noted that the report of the experts is overwhelming in that the victim must have been at a disadvantage at the time of the attack.

The experts reported that the victim presented two puncture wounds, one in the abdomen and one in the face. As for the stomach wound, doctors indicated that "it is unlikely" that it occurred during a struggle and that it was Jiménez who nailed himself the white weapon.

"The stab in the abdomen that, presented the body of the deceased, was below the costal area and ascending, the dagger penetrated about 10 centimeters, so it was half a centimeter from touching the lung or heart," said one of forensics. They also said that this injury "surprised" them because at first they thought it would be the cause of death, but at the time of evaluating it, they realized that it was not so serious.

While the wound on the face, which caused the victim's death, has a "descendant" trajectory which means that the defendant must have been above his nephew in order to cause it. "It was necessary to use a lot of force to cause this wound, since it made a clean cut in the jaw bone and in the parotid glands, perfectly cut the carotid, jugular, musculature and ended in the cervical vertebrae," said the expert .

"Ivan must have been crouched by the pain of the first stab in the stomach or knees, he could be covering the abdomen wound and that is why his nails were impregnated with blood," said the coroners. They also emphasized that neither of the two stabs could be done accidentally, since they are consistent with attack wounds, which totally contradicts the defendant's version, since he expressed that his nephew nailed himself the first stab during the struggle and that the last one occurred since it fell on him.

The prosecutor asked for 12 years in prison for the crime of homicide, as well as compensation for the victim's mothers of 40,000 euros. The trial has been seen for sentencing.


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