May 18, 2021

The Judiciary will improve the processing of complaints of victims of abuse

The Judiciary will improve the processing of complaints of victims of abuse

The General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) will strengthen the Citizen Attention Unit that handles the complaints of victims of gender violence and of the professionals who intervene in the judicial procedures of abuse.

As explained by the governing body of judges and magistrates, with this measure, provided for in the State Pact against Gender Violence, is intended to improve and streamline the processing of complaints both the victims themselves and the professionals who work in this area for possible irregularities or anomalies in the functioning of judicial bodies.

The CGPJ was commissioned to study and determine the actions necessary to comply with measure 120 of the agreement.

"Disseminate existing channels and promote their use, to facilitate the formulation of complaints from women victims of gender violence and professionals, about possible irregularities or institutional or judicial anomalies, so that they are investigated, and the victim is informed of the situation of the files and in case of filing, of the cause to which it obeys, adopting, where appropriate, the appropriate measures ", establishes that measure.

The document drawn up by the promoter of the Disciplinary Action and which has been approved by the Permanent Commission proposes the appointment of two officers of that unit specialized in the matter to exclusively deal with this type of complaint.

These officials will assume the management and processing of the complaints to guarantee the unification of criteria and the rigor in the answers; they must prepare a complete statistic, with the reasons for the complaints, to facilitate the elaboration of more exhaustive studies on the complaints to develop the measures of improvement that are considered necessary.

The Council proposes the placement of posters in the offices of the courts of violence against women, the use of all communication channels available to publicize the service or the activation of electronic posts, which will also help to expedite the presentation of the complaints


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