The judge summons the husband of Ayuso's collaborator as a witness for the origin of 53,000 euros in cash

Judge José Luis García Marfil has summoned the husband of the mayor of Arroyomolinos, Ana Millán, as a witness for the almost 53,000 euros that she deposited in cash in her accounts between 2008 and 2017, a period that coincides in part with the payments of a company awarded by the Department that she headed and that are the subject of an investigation for prevarication, bribery, fraud against the Administration and money laundering. In her statement on April 22 as an investigator, Millán attributed these amounts to her partner, Juan Pedro S. C, who works in the hotel industry since she didn't like to keep money at homeaccording to sources present at the interrogation.

The sister of Ayuso's collaborator was hired by the businessman of the alleged bites

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In four years, between January 3, 2008 and July 13, 2012, Ana Belén Millán received 44,462.67 euros from the Neverland company, owned by businessman Vicente Roselló, also accused, according to the Civil Guard reports. delivered to the judge. Four Roselló companies were awarded, between 2006 and 2011, more than 660,915.21 euros in contracts from the Department of Youth, headed by Ana Millán, according to data that the UCO has obtained from the Treasury. When Millán changed his Department, the Arroyomolinos City Council stopped hiring Roselló, according to the Civil Guard. In addition, Millán received another 6,642 euros from Roselló in 2012, the reason for which is unknown, adds the UCO.

Ana Millán is deputy secretary of Sectoral Action of the Madrid PP and trusted person of the autonomous president Isabel Díaz Ayuso. Millán will be the vice president of the Madrid PP Congress that will elect Díaz Ayuso as leader of the party in Madrid after no other candidacy has been presented.

While investigating the case, the UCO found other income that caught his attention. They are the payments in cash, and without proving their origin, of Ana Millán, a total of 52,950 euros between 2008 and 2017. The agents note in their report something that they consider “of interest”: “That the volume of income in cash be greater during the period in which Neverland Eventos SL made the payments to the former councilor (2008-2012)” and also that the cash income “decreases in a notarized manner once the company [de Roselló] stopped making payments to the former councilwoman (as of 2013]”.

The investigation of Judge García Marfil indicates that Millán and a businessman disguised a bribe as the monthly payments for the rent of an attic owned by the councilor. An employee of Roselló lived in that attic, but what one of the defendant's companies contributed was almost double the market price. Millán defends that the increase is due to the fact that a rental with the right to purchase was agreed that was never executed. Now, the judge cites as a witness Joaquín G. S, the former Roselló employee who lived in the mayor's attic. He will also testify as a witness the mayor at the time of the events, Carlos Ruipérez Alonso. All of them are scheduled for July 4 next.

The UCO has searched for a total of five penthouse tenants between September 2013 and November 2020. The three who followed Joaquín paid Millán between 475 and 550 euros. It was not until much later, in October 2019, that the mayor began to receive more for the rent, 675 euros, still far from the more than 900 that businessman Roselló paid her.

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