September 20, 2020

The judge sends to prison Pepe, the neighbor of La Isleta who killed his wife, 78 years old – La Provincia

To prison, communicated and without bail. José PA, 62 years old and known in Muelle Grande as Pepe, entered a penitentiary yesterday afternoon after the judge took his statement and decided to charge him with a crime of murder with the aggravation of kinship by killing his wife Encarnación GR, 78, suffocating her with a pillow after having a strong argument during the early hours of last Saturday. The author confessed the facts to the National Police officers who attended the crime.

The murder occurred after years of aggression and discussions within the couple, as the residents of the section of La Naval street that runs from the BP gas station and the fire station confirmed. The Government Delegation, for its part, indicated that there was evidence of at least two actions for gender violence, the last one in 2019, at number 229 of the aforementioned road, in the so-called Puerto Luz building. However, on both occasions the victim did not want to continue with the procedure, so she did not report the facts and no measure was agreed by the Violence against Women Court.

These actions occurred while in the neighborhood they knew of the numerous problems that the victim was going through, who had different degenerative diseases. This, according to the neighbors, made the couple have two faces, one of them with doors inside and the other with doors outside. In this second version, a friend of the couple assures that Pepe, a former dock worker, was in charge of taking care of her, cleaning her and taking her out two to three times a day because, she added, she was completely dependent. “They were always together, they were like the Virgin and Saint Joseph,” he added.

Instead, the fights were continuous within the home. The last occurred on the afternoon of last Friday and early Saturday morning. In the first of them, always according to residents on La Naval street, Encarnación shouted for them to take him out on the street. A resident of the building noted that she even went out to the supermarket alone. At dawn the last fight occurred. Witnesses say that screams were heard from four in the morning. “The normal thing,” said the neighbor of the property. They did not attach importance to it. It was a situation that they had previously experienced. This occasion ended tragically. About six in the afternoon there was silence. According to consulted sources, Pepe took a pillow and suffocated Encarnación G. R. until he died.

The author of the murder was the one who called the National Police to confess to the crime. Neighbors indicated that he was at the door of the Second D in which he lived. Agents arrived and contacted the Coordinating Center for Emergencies and Security (Cecoes) 112, which in turn mobilized a medical ambulance. The toilets could only confirm the death.

The Homicide Group of the Canary Islands Police Headquarters launched an investigation that has barely been carried out after Pepe’s confession, which just over 24 hours after his arrest passed to the Investigating Court number 5 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, whose owner is the magistrate Ana Isabel de Vega who ordered her provisional prison. After instructing the first preliminary proceedings, the case will go to a Violence against Women Court, which will process it as a procedure before the jury court, as the crime is the objective jurisdiction of this institution, as reported yesterday by the Canary Islands Superior Court of Justice (TSJC).

The murder of Encarnación is the first case of male violence that has been registered this year in the Archipelago and the second that has taken place in Spain since the state of alarm was decreed on March 14 by the pandemic of the coronavirus. During this 2020, the number of victims at the hands of their partners amounts to 18.


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