The judge sends the 12 detainees who fled from a plane at Palma airport to prison

The head of the Court of Instruction number six of Palma has supported the request of the Prosecutor’s Office and has decreed provisional imprisonment, communicated and without bail for the crimes of sedition for those detained for fleeing from a plane at the Palma airport, as reported the Mallorca newspaper.

The events took place last Friday night, when a plane from Morocco bound for Turkey had to make a stop for an alleged medical emergency at the airport of the Balearic city. Upon reaching the ground, more than a dozen passengers exited the plane and fled across the runways, forcing the shutdown of air traffic for safety.

Speaking to Europa Press, the chief prosecutor of the Balearic Islands, Bartolomé Barceló, explained that for the moment they have been charged with these crimes, although others could be derived, pending the statements of the crew and that a series of tests.

None of the detainees wanted to testify before the judge, with the exception of the passenger who was supposedly sick and caused the medical emergency in Son Sant Joan. This is a person who was already arrested in the Peninsula in 2020 for damages and resistance to authority and was detained by the Police for an alleged crime of favoring illegal immigration and violation of the immigration law.

The 12 detainees have passed this Monday to judicial disposition. At around 12 noon, the first six arrived at the Vía Alemania courts, accompanied by a strong police force. It will be the judge who determines if the return to their countries of origin is appropriate or if some other type of precautionary measure is adopted, such as the imprisonment requested by the Prosecutor’s Office.

The rest of the detainees were arrested in Calle Manacor, in Palma; Sa Cabaneta and Es Figueral, in Marratxí; and in the vicinity of the Son Sant Joan airport. In addition, the detainees also include the passenger who left as a companion to the allegedly ill person and another passenger arrested for contempt and assault on the authority on the plane.

Escaped passengers are still being sought. Sources close to the investigation have informed Europa Press that some of the detainees were in a Facebook group where the escape was orchestrated.


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