April 18, 2021

The judge sends prisin to the co-founder of iDental – La Provincia

The judge sends prisin to the co-founder of iDental - La Provincia

The judge of the National CourtJosé de la Mata has sent the co-founder of iDental to provisional prison, the dentist José Antonio García Pellicer, after taking this statement on Monday after being delivered to the Spanish authorities by the United Kingdom in compliance with a euro order processed in just one month. García Pellicer was living in London when his arrest was ordered on January 16 for the macro scam of thesedental clinics 'low cost'.

According to legal sources reported to Europa Press, García Pellicer, accused of, among others,crimes of fraudulent administration by the management of the network of clinicstogether with his partner Vicente Castañer Blasco, declared before the judge that the 'fault' of iDental's fall from grace was the loss of investor confidence due to the bad reputation of this kind of 'low cost' assistance after the VitalDent scandal .

In particular, he argued before the judge that this loss of confidence resulted in a decrease in the financing ofbetween three and four million euros per month, situation that became drastic when another entity withdrew the million and a half euros a month with which they had been financing. This is how they would have been forced to resort to the Weston Hill investment fund to sell the company, according to their vision of the facts.

However, the research places him asone of those responsible for a hole that ended up sinking the company, because they promoted a policy of unchecked openings that generated an insurmountable hole until in October 2017 they sold iDental to the Weston Hill fund, whose partners are already in provisional prison for the same reason.

If the former are investigated for fraudulent administration and crimes against the Public Treasury -for non-payment of taxes-, in the case of the latter, the investigation even points to a possible crime of criminal organization sinceThe modus operandi that they used in iDental would be similar to the one they applied with Dental Institutes, a chain that they already controlled and for whose alleged expansion they would have cheated a US fund, Ares, 35 million euros.


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