November 27, 2020

The judge releases the Villarejo woman accused of trying to sell confidential information

The judge of the National Court Manuel García-Castellón has agreed this Monday to release with precautionary measures for Gemma Alcalá, wife of retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo, for her alleged involvement in the plot led by her husband for the sale of classified material, according to have informed legal sources.

Villarejo tried from prison to sell material to lawyers to "cancel" the Gürtel, Pujol and procés cases

Villarejo tried from prison to sell material to lawyers to “annul” the Gürtel, Pujol and procés cases

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In this way, the head of the Central Court of Instruction number 6 has not accepted the request made by the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office, which has alleged risk of flight after Alcalá’s statement, the sources consulted have indicated.

Gemma Alcalá was arrested, along with three other people, last Friday night in an operation carried out by the Internal Affairs Unit of the Police and directed by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office for this plot that has made up piece 28 of the ‘Tandem’ case and that it is under summary secrecy. The operation included the search of Villarejo’s cell, which was arrested during the search and adds new accusations for this separate piece.

The commissioner José Manuel Villarejo used his wife and at least three intermediaries to send different lawyers the offer of material that he keeps hidden and that he offered as likely to “annul” the causes of corruption Gürtel and the Pujol family and that for then he was investigating the celebration of the secessionist referendum of 1-O in Catalonia. The intermediaries came to request in some cases more than one million euros and their offers were not attended in any case.

In addition to Gemma Alcalá, two former fellow jailers, Alfonso Pazos and Javier Ruiz Cubero, were arrested. Pazos is an ex-military man and a lawyer who at the time of his arrest was enjoying a ten-day permit for a sentence that he is currently serving in the Logroño prison. It so happens that Ruiz Cubero is the brother of the lawyer who defended the false priest who raided the house of Bárcenas in October 2013, according to El Independiente. Villarejo entered prison four years later.

Ruiz Cubero, Pazos and the latter’s current partner reportedly offered Villarejo’s material to lawyers. Villarejo admits in the recordings that he has seven copies of the material that he accumulated for decades and that some of them are hidden abroad. The sources consulted assure that part of the material offered by his intermediary was seized in the arrest of the commissioner, but that another is not in the case.


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