October 26, 2020

The judge rejects that the withdrawal of the title of adoptive son from Franco in a Tenerife town be reviewed

The Administrative Litigation Court number 1 of Santa Cruz de Tenerife has dismissed the appeal filed by the San Miguel Arcángel Association for the Investigation and Protection of Historical Heritage against the alleged rejection of his petition for the plenary session of the Candelaria City Council (Santa Cruz de Tenerife) review the agreement that on October 30, 2008 withdrew the title of Adoptive Child from the Francisco Franco, granted by the corporation on December 17, 1936.

The judicial authority, while recognizing the active legitimacy of the association to appeal against the revision of the plenary agreement, understands that It is inadmissible because, he states, maintaining the condition of Franco’s adoptive son “clashes head-on with the basic postulates of the Historical Memory Law (…), as there is an obligation for the Public Administrations to withdraw any honorable mention such as the one we are dealing with now that has as its purpose the exaltation of the Civil War and the repression of the Dictatorship ”.

The judgment adds that, in its arguments, the appellant association did not prove that the honorable mention of the dictator’s Adoptive Son was due to a personal contribution of Francisco Franco Bahamonde to the municipality of La Candelaria or to its neighbors, “beyond his mere condition of Caudillo de España (dictator) as a result of a coup d’état against the legitimate Government of the Republic.”


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